Larsa Pippen Defends Marcus Jordan Relationship: He’s My ‘Best Friend’ – Hollywood Life

Larsa Pippen, 48, Defends Dating Marcus Jordan, 32, Even Though Scottie & Michael Don’t Get Along

Scottie Pippen's ex dating Michael Jordan's son seems like something out of bizarro world, but Larsa Pippen doesn't see an issue with her romance with Marcus Jordan.

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When Larsa Pippen stopped by the Feb. 28 episode of the Tamron Hall Show, host Tamron Hall got the point about her new relationship with Marcus Jordan. “Are you guys in love?” Tamron, 52, asked Larsa, 48. “I think so,” said Larsa. “We’re in a really good place. I feel like a lot of people think that we’ve known each other our whole lives, which we have not.” “Well,” interjected Tamron, “he’s sixteen years younger [than you], so that’s not possible.”

From there, Tamron asked Larsa about the age gap – and how Larsa could date Michael Jordan‘s son, knowing full well that Jordan doesn’t get along with his former teammate (and Larsa’s ex) Scottie Pippen. “I can’t basically explain how somebody else feels,” Larsa said of Scottie’s bad blood towards Michael. “I personally don’t really care what other people – I live my truth. I’m happy. We get along. I feel like [Marcus] is my best friend. We have a lot in common.”

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“We literally just met at a party four years ago,” Larsa explained in the interview, saying that she knew who Marcus was because they have “a lot of mutual friends,” and in the years leading up to their romance, they spent a lot of time together. “We’re both from Chicago. I feel like we have a lot in common, like a lot of common ground.” Larsa also defended the 16-year age gap. “There are different circumstances, [but] age doesn’t really determine your level of maturity.”

Larsa also said that she “didn’t plan” for her to date Michael Jordan’s son. “It wasn’t something I like, planned,” Larsa said. She did reveal that she had met Marcus’s parents – Michael, 60, and Juanita Vanoy —  but she didn’t want to make the relationship about them. “It’s not about my parents, or his parents. They’re all happy. Our whole family is fine. I feel it’s more about where I am and where he is. I feel like we’re in a great place. We motivate each other. We’re really happy being together, and I feel like that’s the most important thing.”

(Romain Maurice/MEGA)

The first rumors of a Pippen-Jordan relationship began in September, one year after Larsa’s divorce from Scottie was finalized. She initially kept the relationship private because of the Michael-Scottie beef (especially since she knew she would get bullied over it by Bulls fans and trolls) – but they went public with their love in January with some PDA in Miami. They made the romance Instagram Official soon afterward.