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Teresa Giudice Dubbed ‘Rudest Person’ Ever After Interview With ‘RHONJ’ Star Goes Awry

Teresa Giudice became defensive after a radio host brought up her 2015 prison sentence during an interview earlier this week.

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Teresa Giudice has been dubbed the “rudest person” after she got mouthy with a radio host during a live interview on Monday, Nov. 27. Billy Costa, a Boston-area radio host who co-anchors the Billy & Lisa in the Morning show, called the 50-year-old The Real Housewives of New Jersey star “easily, hands down, the rudest person” he “ever interviewed” immediately after ending their phone interview that was meant to promote an event she’s co-hosting in Massachusetts, per Page Six. He also described her as an “idiot” and “monster” while still on air.

The ordeal started as soon as he brought up her 2016 book, Turning the Tables, which details the 11 months she spent in federal prison in 2015 for mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud charges. “Teresa, we know you spent some time in prison, but you came out of prison and wrote a book — a bestseller — about your time in prison, and did it focus a lot on the food in prison?” Billy, 69, asked. The reality star immediately expressed her disinterest in the topic and said, “I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a four-time New York Times bestselling author.”

Teresa Giudice court
Teresa Giudice pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges in 2014 (Photo: SplashNews.com)

Billy seemed to get the hint and asked her about her upcoming event, but Teresa decided to stick up for herself again. “[We’re going to] have a good time, and it’s all about being positive, right? And not negative? You should learn some of that,” the mother of four answered.

After Billy’s co-host tried to defend him by explaining to Teresa that the book is part of her biography given to them by her publicist, Teresa gave the pair some life advice. “I have a podcast called ‘Namaste B—ches,’ [and] you should listen to it and learn how to be a little more namaste,” she argued.

Billy’s trash-talking began immediately after the call ended. He argued that the prison question was supposed to be a positive take on that time in her life, considering she released such a successful book afterward. He also claimed he “stayed away” from prohibited interview topics, which allegedly included her feud with her brother, Joe Gorga, and the criticism she faced for wearing Balenciaga amid their inappropriate advertisement controversy.

Teresa Giudice
Teresa Giudice rebounded from her prison sentence with a best-selling book and a new podcast, and found love again (Photo: Bravo)

“She was negative, telling me I needed to be more namaste. I’m very namaste,” he asserted during his live vent session. “I do yoga every morning at sunrise. Don’t go have an evening with Teresa Giudice. I don’t even want a coffee with Teresa Giudice.”

HollywoodLife has reached out to Teresa’s representative regarding the drama. Teresa has not publicly addressed the situation as of this writing, although her attorney, James J. Leonard Jr., was on her side when he gave a statement to Page Six. “I think Mr. Costa needs to work on being a bit more namaste like Teresa is — he seemed like he was looking for a confrontation or to have his moment,” he said. “I would recommend he listen to Teresa’s podcast, ‘Namaste B—ches,’ so he can work on himself and learn how to properly treat guests on his show.”

While Teresa seemed bothered on air, she appears to be over the drama and even promoted the new episode of her podcast on Nov. 30 on Instagram. She enthusiastically revealed her “love”, Louie “Luis” Ruelas, is the guest. During the episode, the 46-year-old spoke about his experience filming for The Real Housewives and how he navigates the show’s drama, his own family drama with estranged brother-in-law Joe Gorga, and why he and Teresa decided to forego a prenup.