Addison Rae Is Put On The Spot & Asked Who Her ‘Least Favorite’ Kardashian Is — Watch Her Answer

Addison Rae's response to her 'least favorite Kardashian' is hilarious. The TikTok star was completely caught off guard while participating in 'Spill or Fill Your Guts' on boyfriend Bryce Hall's YouTube channel!

Addison Rae would rather eat old fish than fess up to who her least favorite Kardashian is. The 20-year-old TikTok sensation — who just so happens to be close pals with the famous family (specifically, Kourtney Kardashian) — awkwardly dodged the question while playing “Spill or Fill Your Guts” in a new video on boyfriend, Bryce Hall‘s YouTube channel.

Here’s how the James Corden-inspired game works: You ask someone a juicy question, and they have the choice to answer it, or be forced to eat the disgusting food in front of them. In addition to Addison and Bryce, his social media influencer friend, Blake Gray also participated.

When it was time for Addison and Blake to face off in the fairly gross game, an overly confident Addison grabbed the old fish and said, “I’m for sure going to answer it, so I’ll pick this one.” Blake, with a sly smirk on his face, proceeded to ask: “Who is your least favorite Kardashian that you’ve met?”

Kourtney Kardashian & Addison Rae
Kourtney Kardashian & Addison Rae. (Photo credit: BACKGRID)

As everyone began to laugh — given Addison’s close ties to the Kardashians — she said, “Oh my God.” After a quick pause, Addison replied, “I don’t have a least favorite.” But, Blake wasn’t convinced.

“There’s not one that just bugs you a little?” he pressed, to which she fired back with: “I’m not answering that!” That’s when Addison attempted to take a small bite of the miscellaneous fish, which didn’t go over too well. “I’m not eating any more of that,” she yelled! And, who could blame her?

Addison Rae & Bryce Hall
Addison Rae & Bryce Hall. (Photo credit: MEGA)

Fans of Addison or Kourtney (or both!) have a better understanding of their newfound friendship. Some would even argue that Addison — who recently landed a role in the forthcoming reboot of She’s All That alongside Kourtney — garnered more fame through her relationship with the mother of three. Since they first struck up a friendship around March of 2020, Kourtney and Addison have starred in countless TikTok videos together, enjoyed pool days at Kourtney’s Calabasas, CA mansion, and even spent time with Kourt’s kids on numerous occasions. Additionally, Addison has starred in a Poosh workout video on Kourtney’s beloved lifestyle website.

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