Mason Disick, 10, & Mom Kourtney’s BFF Addison Rae Dance Their Hearts Out In Cute TikTok Video

Addison Rae shared a new dance video with Mason Disick on TikTok and it showed off their confident moves as well as hilarious cameos from Scott and Penelope Disick.

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Mason Disick, Addison Rae
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Addison Rae, 19, and Mason Disick, 10, were an awesome sight to see in a new TikTok video that showed off their epic dance moves and a little funny surprise! The new BFF of Kourtney Kardashian shared the clip on her TikTok page and in it, she can be seen wearing a sparkly mint green crop top under a loose matching over shirt and pants as she stands beside Mason, who is wearing a white graphic T-shirt and black pants. The confident duo show off impressive dance moves to “Hatchback” by Cochise while outside in front of a decorated tree and look as happy as can be.

A few seconds into the video, Mason’s dad Scott Disick, 37, and sister Penelope Disick, 8, can be seen quickly running in front of Addison and Mason while going in opposite directions past the camera. The father and daughter are looking straight ahead and down during the cameo but their unmistakable features help make it easy to recognize them. The short but memorable appearance even seemed to make Addison laugh during the dance.

Before Addison and Mason’s latest dance video, Addison shared a similar one with Scott on July 17 and Penelope made a cameo appearance in that one as well! The fun duo clap their hands and sway their hips to music in the clip, which can be seen below, before Penelope randomly runs on by, making Addison crack up laughing. It was definitely a cute moment that just added to the already awesome post.

Addison’s TikTok videos have been featuring Kourtney and Scott’s kids a lot lately. It was just over a month ago on June 21, that Mason showed up in a different video and danced with Addison to “100 Racks” by Quality Control. He looked adorable in a light gray hoodie in the clip after the brunette beauty made a hand movement that was made to look like she was reeling him into the screenshot with a string. Like in their latest video, the two didn’t miss a beat in the dance session.

When Addison is not hanging out with the Disick kids, she’s hanging out with Kourtney. The ladies have been seen on regular outings in the past few weeks and always look like they’re having a blast together. A source also recently told us Kourtney really enjoys her time with Addison. “She’s been spending a ton of her free time with Addison Rae lately and really enjoys her company,” the source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “She thinks she’s a really cool, fun girl.”