Madison Prewett Reveals How She Feels Seeing Peter Weber & Kelley Flanagan Together After Breakup

Madison Prewett spoke to HL about how she's 'happy' for her ex Peter Weber & his GF Kelley Flanagan, as she focuses on her personal growth into 2021!

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Madison Prewett‘s very public and dramatic break-up with Bachelor Peter Weber was not easy, especially after he quickly started things up again with ousted contestant Kelley Flanagan. Now, nine months after Kelley and Peter confirmed their romance with a Chicago outing just days after his split from Madison, the Alabama native is weighing in on her thoughts. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with, in partnership with World Vision, Madison revealed it is “honestly fulfilling and exciting to see people taking just something beautiful from the show.”

“From afar, it looks like they’re so happy and that they’re in a great place,” she said of Kelley and Peter’s relationship. “I think it’s just really cool to see how everyone got different takeaways from the show, and they found each other through a lot of interesting twists and turns. So, I’m excited for them. I haven’t kept up with them. But just again, seeing them from afar, they look really happy.”

Kelley Flanagan & Peter Weber have been an item since March 2020. (ABC)

When it comes to Madison’s experience on The Bachelor, which found her at the receiving end of some insults from Peter’s mother Barb, she says she doesn’t regret anything. “It’s an unfamiliar environment that no one’s ever experienced before. It’s unlike anything else, so I think anytime you’re put in an intense, high pressure, unfamiliar environment, that is already going to challenge you. I think it’s either going to make you or break you, it’s either going to push you and grow you and make you better, or it could have the opposite effect,” the Auburn alum explained. “At least for me, fully embracing the process — not all of it’s amazing, not all of it’s beautiful, not all of it’s easy — but just like anything in life, everything worthwhile comes with some of those things. Just just taking it on and letting it make you a better person and choosing to be teachable, choosing to have an undefended spirit.”

Madison hasn’t given up on love, either, and added that in making her 2021 New Years resolutions, she’s “hoping for love,” but prefers to keep her dating life private these days. “I’m really just taking the season to really focus on myself and embrace just being here with my family and embrace pursuing things that I’m really passionate about, like speaking and writing,” she told HL.

Madison & Peter on ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

The Bachelor Nation star spoke to HL through her partnership with World Vision, a Christian Humanitarian organization, that is helping families to choose joy, and embrace the meaning behind the season, in the spirit of finding joy in helping others. Madison shared the details of the World Vision Gift Catalog, which features over 100 lifesaving gifts that will empower viewers to “Give a gift and change a life.” “It’s really great that, with everything that’s going on in the world, you can purchase a gift that can empower people and can create a total  difference for the families of so many people that are in poverty right now,” she said.

One of the most notable & life-changing gifts the World Vision Gift Catalog offers is a goat for $85. “These goats produce about up to 16 cups of milk a day, which is helpful for that family, but also helpful for the entire community as they can sell that milk to others,” Madison explained. You can shop the World Vision Gift Catalog here.