Kaitlynn Carter Reveals How She Now Feels About Ex Miley Cyrus Amid Her New Album Reveal

Kaitlynn Carter also opened up about her advocacy work against the inhumane treatment of horses with the American Wild Horse Campaign, and why it's a cause close to her heart.

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Kaitlynn Carter & Miley Cyrus
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Kaitlynn Carter, 32, has stayed out of the spotlight since her split with ex Miley Cyrus, 27, over a year ago — but the influencer says there’s no “bad blood” between the two. “You know, there’s never been any bad blood between us and there’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing people I care about realizing their dreams and the things that they’re really passionate about. I feel like that’s what’s happening for her now,” Kaitlynn said of her ex-girlfriend EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife.

The pair were close friends before things took a romantic turn after Miley’s break-up with now ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, 30, and Kaitlynn’s split with Brody Jenner, 37. After Kaitlynn and Miley’s romantic Italy vacation in August of last year, the pair were side-by-side for whirlwind trip to New York Fashion Week. The Hills: New Beginnings star was also on-hand for Miley’s emotional performance of “Slide Away” — believed to be inspired by her split with Liam — at the 2019 MTV VMAs.

Kaitlynn Carter & Miley Cyrus
Kaitlynn Carter and then-girlfriend Miley Cyrus step out for a date in Sept. 2019. (SplashNews)

Following a break-up with Kaitlynn, Miley went on to date friend Cody Simpson, 23, from Oct. 2019 to Sept. 2020. “Oh, I mean I don’t really have any feelings about her and Cody split,” Kaitlyn shared with us, going on to applaud the Hannah Montana alum’s “work ethic” and recent new music. “You know, I think everyone knows she’s a force and her work ethic is something that’s really to be admired so I’m just really happy for her that she seems to be accomplishing everything that she wants to right now,” Kaitlynn added.

Miley has been burning up the charts with her new music, including “Midnight Sky” off her upcoming album Plastic Hearts. For her part, Kaitlynn launched The Bright Side podcast — where she discusses life, relationships and more — in addition to running her e-commerce platform Foray Collective. Outside of her business ventures, the reality star has also taken an active role as an ambassador with the American Wild Horse Campaign. The organization aims to protect wild horses and advocate against inhumane treatment of the animals — which is a cause close to Kaitlynn’s heart.

“When I was growing up I attended this equestrian summer camp and each time I went to the camp, I was assigned one horse for the entire duration of my stay there,” the Peterborough, New Hampshire native shared. “And I feel like because I was entrusted with that responsibility at such an early age, it really had a big impact on me. I was able to bond each summer with a horse and ever since then whenever I need to get back to my roots and feel really grounded or if I’m in a stressful situation I’ll always turn to horses,” she added, explaining that she discovered the organization through social media. Once Kaitlynn started doing research, she realized there was a horse population issue across the United States.

“The Bureau of Land Management is rounding up horses…and forcing them into these little pens. And it’s really traumatic for the horses and a lot of them actually die in the process, either from stress, like they’ll have a heart attack or a lot of them just get injured or trampled and so it’s a pretty inhumane process,” she said. “There are other ways of managing the wild horse population that American Wild Horse Campaign has put a lot of resources and research into. They have a Humane Sterilization Program that they want to implement and that they think would be a better solution to the problem of the horse population…they deserve advocacy and protection.”