Chris Evans’ Fan Go Wild Over His Muscles & Tattoos In Hot New Shirtless Video — Watch

Chris Evans showed off to his fans that he still has his buff Captain America body. For a backflip into his pool, the shirtless hunk flaunted some new ink and ripped muscles across his abs and chest.

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Image Credit: Everett Collection

Chris Evans has shared some skin-baring video to Instagram that thankfully stayed within the company’s guidelines following his Sept. 12 accidental NSFW post. The Avengers star is still looking hunky as ever as he did a backflip into a swimming pool, while joking about how pale his skin is. Fans were drooling more than laughing at the video, as the 39-year-old looked so ripped and buff shirtless, wearing just wet navy trunks.

Chris posted the video to his Instagram stories on Oct. 6, and appeared to be as his Massachusetts home rather than his pad in L.A. The Boston native could be seen at the edge of a pool while his muscles rippled from his six-pack abs to his bulging pecs. His arms were totally defined, and his lats bulged as he lifted his arms above his head to prepare for his back-flip into the water.

“Last swim before the pool hibernates,” Chris wrote in the caption. He added in parenthesis that  “It was freezing.” That much was evident after he rose to the surface after his jump, letting out two F-bombs over how cold the water was. Chris’ beloved pooch Dodger was seen running around the background of the video. Fans have come to love the doggie, as he is the star of the Captain America star’s Instagram account and his furry best bud.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans shirtless in a scene from his 2011 origins story ‘Captain America: The First Avenger.’ Nine years later he looks just as ripped. Photo credit: Everett Collection

Chris also noted in the video, “I wonder what it’s like to be tan” with a laughing emoji. The actor-director has been holed up in Massachusetts for while now. He shot the 2019 mystery thrilled Knives Out in his home state, and stayed there to shoot the 2020 Apple+ television miniseries Defending Jacob in and around Boston as well. He then stayed on in the Bay State for most of 2020, quarantining at his Boston area home. Without the constant California sun, Chris’ skin was looking pretty pale in the video.

The politically minded hunk appears to have added some new ink to his chest. A large hawk swooping in with talons open appeared across one of his pecs. Chris also had what seemed to be a large animal tatt along his waistline, with more smaller inkings on his stomach. He already has a Buddhist saying tattooed on his chest, as well as ink in honor of his friend Matt Bardsley, who died in an accident in November 2003. If Chris stays in the northeast and doesn’t return to L.A. for the cold winter months, this is probably the last time he’ll be seen shirtless around his pool until spring! After all, he said his pool is about to go into “hibernation” as the chilly autumn weather settles in.

Fans went wild when one of his fan accounts posted the IG stories video. User @itsidajohanna gushed, “I can watch this all day,” while @arklite_phoenix wrote, “Love the tattoos!!! Gaah!!” Fan @augustxwalker noted, “Jesus Christ! I know Chris likes to keep in shape during the off season, but he looks so f***** jacked in this video. I mean look at the traps lol,” as @katswentworth observed, “I love how Dodger wanted to go in the pool as well. Just wanted to follow his best friend.” Chris sure knows what his fans love when it comes to IG content!

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