Wendy Williams Reveals How She Lost 25 Lbs. In Quarantine As She Returns To Talk Show After 4 Months

Wendy Williams is back and she's feeling healthy! The talk show host revealed in her first episode since taking a hiatus that she 'lost 25 lbs.,' though she candidly told her fans that she 'didn’t do it on purpose.'

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Wendy Williams
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Longtime fans of Wendy Williams know exactly how they’re doin’ today, as the talk show host, 56, made her return to daytime TV following her four-month hiatus amid the COVID-19 pandemic and her fatigue due to Graves’ disease. On her first episode back, Wendy was ready to spill the tea and give her fans an update on how she spent her time in quarantine. One of the biggest reveals came when Wendy shared with her audience members, or co-hosts, that she lost 25 lbs. in the last few months!

“I mean I’ve lost 25 pounds! Look,” Wendy said while showing off her weight loss in a gorgeous yellow dress. But then, Wendy confessed that she “didn’t do it on purpose.” In fact, The Wendy Williams Show host said that “food became disgusting” to her. “I was cooking at first and I was all good, I’m shoveling stuff in my mouth, I’m going out to eat, everything from hot dogs to lobster, king crab legs, all that stuff.” However, Wendy had a quick change of heart when it came to her relationship with food in quarantine after some time enjoying delicious meals.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams shows off her healthy weight loss during the Sept. 21 return episode of her talk show [NBC].
“But then it became, ‘I’m done with food,'” she said. After explaining that she was over cuisine in quarantine, Wendy got pretty personal with her audience. “Then I got my colonoscopy — TMI, look, I got it over quarantine and she asked me to get on the scale before they put me under and she told me the weight and I said I haven’t weighed this little since high school,” she revealed.

Wendy was so happy with her results, telling her fans that she feels “really good.” However, the stunning talk show host is still “alone in my romance,” though she did tease for fans, “Don’t you worry because he might be watching right now!” Among other subjects Wendy discussed, she opened up about how difficult it was to date during quarantine, and that she is still on the market. She also spilled tea about Cardi B and Offset‘s shocking divorce newsKeeping Up With The Kardashians airing its final episodes in early 2021, and so much more!

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams before her impressive quarantine weight loss [AP Images].
Fans of Wendy are so happy to see the the eponymous host thriving, and she’s not the only celeb who has lost weight during quarantine. Stars like Rebel WilsonAyesha Curry, and more have chronicled their own healthy weight loss journeys on social media! Other stars have been seen out and about, staying healthy, active, and getting some fresh air outside of isolation. We’re so glad to have Wendy back and we cannot wait for her to spill the tea the rest of the week!