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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 10 Reunion: The Trailer, Airdates, ‘Extended’ Episodes & More To Know

The trailer for the 'Vanderpump Rules' season 10 reunion dropped on May 11, and it's absolutely wild. Here's what you need to know about the epic three-part special.

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  • Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ months-long affair was exposed just three weeks before the reunion filmed!
  • Raquel Leviss had a restraining order against Scheana Shay during filming, so they were kept apart.
  • The reunion will air in three parts with extended cuts of each episode dropping on Peacock the next day.

The Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion was filmed on March 23, nearly three weeks after Andy Cohen revealed Bravo cameras started rolling again to catch the end of Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix‘s nine-year relationship. They broke up after the news of Tom’s months-long affair with Raquel Leviss was discovered. Following Tom and Ariana’s split, Sandoval took to social media to share two public apologies for his behavior. In the first, he addressed the harm he may have caused his restaurants, bar staff and co-owners, and in the second, he let Ariana know how horribly he felt about the whole ordeal. Raquel also apologized to Ariana and said she started counseling to end her “patterns of codependency and addiction to being and feeling loved”. And now that the trailer for the reunion has dropped, we know those apologies didn’t help much. Here’s everything you need to know about the highly-anticipated season 10 reunion of Vanderpump Rules.

Who Will Be There?

Bravo’s Twitter account released two seating charts on March 23, the day the cast came together to film the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion, as seen below. The first, from left to right, has Lala Kent, James Kennedy, Katie Maloney, Ariana Madix, Andy Cohen, Lisa Vanderpump, Tom Sandoval, Raquel Leviss, and Tom Schwartz. With this chart, Raquel (who wore a green silk dress) is seated between Tom Sandoval, who she embarked on a months-long affair with, and Tom Schwartz, who she made out with at Scheana and Brock Davieswedding in Cancun in August 2022. The second seating chart eliminates Raquel, moves Tom Schwartz to her seat, and places Scheana Shay where Tom was sitting.

The two seating arrangements came as a result of Raquel filing a restraining order against Scheana after Scheana allegedly attacked her. The restraining order said Scheana had to stay 100 feet away from Raquel at all times, so it appears as though Bravo made the decision to film them separately.

Before the reunion, Scheana’s lawyer, Neama Rahmani, claimed Raquel purposefully “sabotaged” the reunion, telling PEOPLE: “The temporary restraining order, as it stands now, currently prohibits Scheana from being within 100 yards of Rachel so they can’t both be physically present at the reunion. Rachel not only betrayed her friends, but she has sabotaged this reunion because it just can’t happen in any meaningful way while this order is in place”.

Raquel Leviss, Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix (Bravo)

Scheana’s lawyer later said despite the restraining order, Scheana would be at the reunion. “Scheana will be present at today’s filming in person,” Neama told HollywoodLife on March 23. “Scheana intends to follow the law, but she wants to be part of the reunion. If Rachel [Leviss] attends, Scheana and Vanderpump Rules will make sure that Scheana remains 100 yards away to comply with the restraining order.”

Raquel wrote on her own Instagram Stories that she would also be present at the season 10 reunion. “Raquel will be at the Vanderpump Rules reunion, in person,” a person close to the controversial reality star told Entertainment Tonight on March 22. “Raquel wants to be there to show her face and apologize to Ariana [Madix] in person.”

The Restraining Order

On March 8, Raquel was granted a temporary restraining order against Scheana after she submitted court documents describing an alleged physical altercation between them. Raquel claimed Scheana pushed her against a wall and punched her face after learning about the affair. In the documents, which were obtained by HollywoodLife, Raquel claimed that she had “blurred vision & swelling to left eye” as a result of the alleged incident. She claimed the altercation happened in New York City on Thursday, March 2, just hours after Raquel and Scheana appeared on WWHL together. Raquel also submitted photos of her eye looking bruised with a gash above it. In addition, she claimed that mutual friends told her that Scheana “doesn’t regret the physical attack” and “would do it again if she found that further emotional distress was caused to” Ariana.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 10 Cast (Bravo)

Scheana’s lawyer issued a statement denying all of Raquel’s claims. “This case is a fabrication by a known liar and a cheat who has betrayed everyone close to her. Scheana never punched Raquel, period,” he said in the March 9 statement shared with HollywoodLife. “The supposed dark markings around her left eye have been there for months. Neither Scheana nor other cast members want anything to do with Rachel going forward. The judge has only heard a one-sided account of what happened, and we look forward to presenting the full and true story at the March 29 hearing.”

On March 24, the day after the reunion taped, Raquel revealed she was dropping the restraining order against Scheana. She told Entertainment Tonight, “We let the court know I will not be moving forward with a permanent restraining order. My team tried to work with Scheana on a mutually beneficial agreement hoping to get the TRO dropped earlier so we could film together. The TRO was intended to provide a cooling-off period after I was punched but I didn’t want to continue with the permanent RO nor did I want to cause Scheana further agony and stress.”

During the reunion, Raquel reportedly showed Andy Cohen a document proving she was dropping the restraining order. Scheana’s attorney told HollywoodLife, “Rachel had Andy ‘serve’ Scheana with a document during the reunion, but the papers have no legal meaning. It was a request to dismiss a complaint or a civil lawsuit, but Rachel had requested a permanent restraining order, which is something completely different. There is no way for Rachel to ‘drop’ the temporary restraining order before next week’s hearing. This is California law and even on the court’s website.”

The lawyer added, “Even if Rachel had the correct document, which she didn’t, it wasn’t filed with the court. There is no file stamp in the top right corner. This was just another public relations stunt by Rachel and her team. If Rachel really wanted to make this go away, she would come out and publicly say the ‘punch’ never happened and she is sorry for all the harm she caused Scheana, Ariana, and her other friends.”

What Happened At The Reunion?

Just hours after filming wrapped, TMZ reported that Tom and Raquel were dragged through the mud. Thing allegedly got so bad that Andy Cohen “had to separate 2 other cast members to prevent an assault and battery”. A source told the news outlet, “The taping became explosive within 2 minutes, and never let up for the entire 5 hours of shooting. No one sided with Tom and Raquel. Quite the contrary … they were annihilated by everyone, including Lisa Vanderpump and Andy Cohen. It was like a nuclear bomb went off in the studio.”

Tom and Raquel didn’t give an exact timeframe or reveal when their affair started, but they admitted to hooking up and then “taking a period of time” before going “all in with each other”. Ariana is said to have cried at times while filming, but she didn’t “go over the top” while speaking to Tom and Raquel. One source told TMZ that “the way she was speaking and what she was saying sounded like she’s had some serious therapy.”

Things got so intense that Tom needed to take a break at one point — he and Raquel were actually spotted having a “heart to heart” and smoking cigarettes outside before she joined the group, so that may have been the break he needed. Andy reportedly asked Tom and Raquel if they’re still together, and they said they are. But, a source close to production told TMZ, “That relationship is like on an egg timer. It’s not gonna last.”

After filming wrapped, Andy also took to Instagram on March 23 to tell his followers that “nothing was left unsaid”. He also promised viewers a “really confrontational” and “really emotional” reunion.

Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, and Raquel Leviss
Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, and Raquel Leviss participated in one-on-one interviews with Andy Cohen for the ‘VPR’ Season 10 reunion (Photo: MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

Andy also revealed on April 3 that he met with Tom, Raquel, and Ariana individually for the Season 10 reunion so he could hear “all of their stories just in conversation” before they were mixed in with the full cast. “I also had things — I had my own concerns. I had my own things that I wanted to confront them about,” he explained on his SiriusXM show, Radio Andy. “Things I had noticed so I got to do that. So that’s how we started and then we brought them to the filming group.” He noted that he asked some of the same things privately and with the rest of the group.

He also promised fans that they will hear the whole story during the reunion. “If you are looking to hear their story, you will. If you are looking for them to be confronted to their faces about what they’ve done — in what I would say [in] an aggressive manner, confrontational manner — you will get it,” he stated. He also said “extended versions” of the reunion will likely be released exclusively on Peacock.

One week after the reunion, Scheana and Lala revealed some scoop about Raquel’s behavior on Scheana’s podcast. Scheana revealed that Raquel “did not shed one tear” at the reunion. Lala said, “She actually smiled. It was scary. It was like watching the Joker.”

The Reunion Trailer

On May 11, 2023, the trailer for the season 10 reunion finally dropped and fans went wild. The reunion will air in three parts starting on May 24. Part 2 will follow one week later on May 31, and Part 3, which is “supersized”, will air on June 7. As you can see in the two-minute preview below, Andy Cohen sat down for intimate one-on-one interviews with Ariana, Tom and Raquel to get to the bottom of their cheating scandal that shocked the world.

When Will It Air?

The Vanderpump Rules three-part reunion begins Wednesday, May 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Part 2 will follow on Wednesday, May 31, and Part 3, which will be a “supersized” episode, will air on Wednesday, June 7. Following all three reunions, Bravo will air a “secrets revealed” episode with additional dramatic and scandalous moments behind the affair that jolted the zeitgeist on Wednesday, June 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Furthermore, Peacock, the streaming home of Bravo, will exclusively stream Vanderpump Rules: Pumped Up Edition, a first-of-its-kind extended version of the three reunion episodes as well as a super-sized version of “secrets revealed.” The uncensored extended versions will feature additional never-before-seen footage of the Bravo offerings, exclusively on Peacock the day after they air on Bravo.

Episode Details

When Bravo released the trailer for the reunion, they also revealed the following descriptions for each episode to come:

“#Scandoval” airs Wednesday, May 17 at 9:00 – 10: 15p.m. ET/PT *Supersized Season Finale* 

Cameras pick back up after Ariana discovers that her boyfriend of nine years is having an affair with one of her best friends. Schwartz panics when the scandal threatens to upend their business. Katie accuses him of being complicit in hiding the truth. Raquel files for a restraining order against Scheana after an alleged altercation. Finally, Sandoval comes clean with another shocking secret.

“Reunion Part 1” airs Wednesday, May 24 at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET/PT  

In the explosive and larger-than-life first part of the reunion, Andy Cohen sits down for intimate one-on-one interviews with Ariana, Tom and Raquel to get to the bottom of the cheating scandal that shocked the world. James nearly comes to blows with Sandoval over the affair. Katie and Schwartz rehash the implosion of their divorce. Lala defends herself when the group calls attention to her stance on cheating. Lisa is left speechless when Ariana reveals her stance on her relationships in the group. Raquel watches the reunion from afar due to her restraining order against Scheana.

“Reunion Part 2” airs Wednesday, May 31 at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET/PT  

The season 10 reunion continues as Andy Cohen presses Scheana for details of the altercation that led to Raquel’s restraining order. James’ girlfriend, Ally, takes the stage to discuss James’ temper and the future of their relationship. The group debates the origins of the infamous open relationship rumor. Scheana gives up her spot for Raquel, who must face the group for the first time since news of the affair became public.

“Reunion Part 3” airs Wednesday, June 7 at 9:00 – 10:15 p.m. ET/PT *Supersized Episode* 

The reunion comes to an electrifying close as Raquel faces her former friends. The group revisits the disastrous girls’ trip to Las Vegas and Lake Havasu. They discuss Tom Schwartz’s alleged role in covering up the affair. Ariana breaks down while discussing the betrayal from her ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend. Andy questions Sandoval and Raquel about the status of their relationship and pushes them to reveal if they’re in love.

“Secrets Revealed” airs Wednesday, June 14 at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET/PT 

In one of the most shocking secrets revealed episodes in “Vanderpump Rules” history, fans will get a deeper glimpse into the fallout of the group post-#Scandoval. Never-before-seen moments from the summer will shed a new light on glaring secrets that have since been revealed. Plus, fans will see bonus footage from months before season 10 began as Tom and Katie face the reality of their divorce while still living together.