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Hunter Biden’s Kids: All About His 5 Children

The president's son is a proud father to five children from his two marriages and one other relationship. Meet all of Hunter Biden's children here.

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  • Hunter Biden is President Joe Biden’s son.
  • Hunter has been married twice.
  • He shares three daughters with his first wife Kathleen Buhle, a son with his current wife Melissa Cohen, and he has a fourth daughter from another relationship.
  • Hunter will plead guilty to tax-related misdemeanor charges in June 2023.

Hunter Biden is President Joe Biden’s second son. While he’s not a politician himself, he has been talked about many times within the political world. The president has mentioned Hunter, 53, when speaking about his own family, but Joe’s political opponents have attacked the president’s son for his struggles with addiction and business dealings. Hunter was investigated on tax-related charges, and he is expecting to plead guilty to two misdemeanors, as part of a deal relating to a felony gun charge, per NBC News. 

Despite some hard times, Hunter is still a loving father to his five children. He was married to his first wife Kathleen Buhle from 1993 to 2017, and the couple had three daughters. He later welcomed a son with his second wife Melissa Cohen, who he married in 2019. Between both marriages, he had a fourth daughter with another woman (with whom he is still involved in a paternity case). Find out more about all five of Hunter’s kids here.

Naomi King Biden Neal

Naomi and her husband Peter smile with Joe and Jill Biden. (Adam Schultz / White House via CNP / SplashNews)

Hunter and Kathleen got married in 1993, and they had their eldest daughter Naomi29, that same year. Naomi was named after Hunter’s sister who died in a car accident with his mother Neilia in 1972. Hunter and his older brother Beau were also in the crash, but survived. While Naomi’s grandfather faced off against former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, and the two have been political rivals for years, Naomi is close with Trump’s younger daughter Tiffany29. Besides UPenn, Naomi also attended Columbia Law School. The president’s oldest granddaughter also lived in the White House after she finished law school, and she and her husband Peter Neal even had their wedding celebration at the presidential residence in November 2022.

Naomi also spoke at the 2020 Democratic National Convention to show her support for her grandfather, per CNN“I don’t think there’s been any decision, no matter how big or small, that we haven’t decided as a family,” she said. “He thought we were calling a meeting sort of to discuss whether or not we wanted him to [run,] but really were calling it to be like, ‘Get in that race! Hurry up!’”

Finnegan Biden

Hunter and Kathleen had their second daughter Finnegan, 23, in 2000. Like her older sister, Finnegan also studied at UPenn, studying history and focusing on American Studies, per InsiderAs a student, she’s often been outspoken and worked to try to positively affect’s her schools’ policies. She revealed that she had campaigned for UPenn to extend their pass/fail deadline in April 2020, per 34th St. She also had worked for her high school to change its uniform policy.  “I started this campaign where all the girls came into school and surprised the faculty, which they hated, wearing t–shirts saying, ‘I’m not the distraction.’ That was the first time I actually saw sincere impact [from] something I did because we got rid of the dress code and had a forum at our school about it,” she told 34th St. 

While Finnegan is part of a major public family and she’s occasionally seen out and about with her grandfather, she has mostly stayed out of the spotlight.

Maisy Biden

Maisy smiles as she spends time with her grandfather and half-brother. (Oliver Contreras – Pool via CNP / MEGA)

Kathleen gave birth to her and Hunter’s youngest daughter Maisy, 21, in 2001. Like her two older sisters, Maisy also studies at the University of Pennsylvania, and the president even visited her on campus when she had an art show in April 2023, per CBS NewsHunter and other family members also attended the event. Maisy is also a close friend of former President Barack Obama’s daughter Sasha

It’s not clear what Maisy is studying at UPenn, but she is an artist and often shares her work on her social media. She’s shared photos of some of her artwork on Instagram. She’s also very active on TikTok, where she has over 160,000 followers.

Navy Joan Roberts

After splitting from Kathleen and before marrying Melissa, Hunter fathered another daughter Navy Joan Roberts, 4, with Lunden Roberts. When Navy was born, there were some disputes as to whether Hunter was the baby’s father. After a DNA test, it was revealed that Hunter was Navy’s father, and he was ordered to pay child support to Lunden, per Page Six

Despite the settlement, Lunden has claimed that Hunter is estranged from his youngest daughter. She filed paperwork to change Navy’s last name to Biden, so she could “benefit from carrying the Biden family name,” according to The New York Post.

Although he has been ordered to pay child support and it’s known that Hunter is the father of Navy, he was also ordered to report to an Arkansas court on May 1, 2023, according to a court document obtained by PEOPLE. Both Hunter and Lunden are required to be present. The order is in response to a “motion for contempt” filed by Lunden, which accused Hunter of ignoring previous court orders in regard to the paternity ruling. The filing also asked for authorities to “incarcerate” or “sanction” Hunter if he continues to allegedly not cooperate with their agreement. This is the second contempt filing Lunden has made against Hunter.

Beau Biden

Hunter carried Beau during a November 22 trip to the White House. (Shutterstock)

Shortly after marrying Melissa in 2019, Hunter and the activist welcomed their son Beau, 3, in 2020. The lobbyist and author’s son was named after Hunter’s late brother who died from cancer in 2015. The youngest of Hunter’s kids and his only son, Beau has been seen spending time with his grandparents on plenty of family occasions. Beau has even been photographed in adorable matching outfits with his grandfather.