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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Saddest Splits Ever: Krystal & Chris, Derek & Taylor & More

Although many have found love in paradise, not ever 'BiP' couple could last. We're looking back at some of the saddest, most shocking breakups in 'Bachelor In Paradise' franchise history.

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Krystal Nielsen, Chris Randone
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Just like every rose has its thorn, ever new season of Bachelor in Paradise has a couple or two whose love cannot stand the test of time. Over the course of six seasons there have been plenty of roses handed out, tons of drama to go around, and lots (and we mean lots) of tears. With the series currently on hiatus, it’s time we relive some of those dramatic moments, some of which happened off camera.

While plenty of couples have found love on the Bachelor adjacent franchise, others weren’t so lucky. Some of the series’ saddest splits took place on screen, while others happened when the camera’s stopped rolling. Let’s take a look back at Bachelor in Paradise‘s saddest breakups.

Krystal & Chris


Krystal Nielsen and Chris Randone seemed like a match made in Bachelor Nation heaven. During their respective stints on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette (Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Becca Kufrin‘s seasons, respectively), they were both made out to be the villain. Upon their arrival to the shores of BiP, Chris was immediately drawn to fitness instructor Krystal. After a date or two with other contestants, the pair went steady throughout season five. By the finale, they became engaged and exchanged ‘I dos’ the following season in front of Bachelor Nation alum, their friends, and family!

Unfortunately, the two sparked split rumors by February 2020, and after months of coming to terms with their relationship, Krystal and Chris made the difficult decision to divorce. The news shook Bachelor Nation to its core, especially considering that the couple had surpassed their one-year anniversary.

Demi & Kristian

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One couple who surprised devoted fans of BiP was Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggarty. Initially, Demi was coupled-up with fellow season six contestant Derek Peth, but throughout filming, she continued to have conflicting feelings. Demi was coming to terms with her own sexuality, and had strong feelings for Kristian, whom Demi had met after appearing on Colton Underwood‘s season of The Bachelor.

Eventually, production decided to step in, and brought Kristian onto the beach. Demi made the difficult decision to pursue her relationship with Kristian, breaking up with Derek in the process. By the end of the season, Demi and Kristian shared one of the most endearing proposals in the show’s history. But their engagement came to an end by October 2019.

Derek & Taylor

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Before returning to the shores of BiP for season six, Derek Peth became engaged to Taylor Nolan. The fell for one another during the fourth season of the spinoff series. The two hit it off and sparks flew. However, there was (dramatic pause) trouble in paradise. Derek didn’t propose to Taylor by the end of filming. He did, though, have a surprise for her at the reunion show.

During the live reunion special in September 2017, Derek got down on one knee and proposed to Taylor in front of the audience! Taylor accepted and it seemed like they finally had their happy ending. Sadly, Taylor and Derek called it quits by June 2018, close to one year after they got engaged.

Katie & Chris

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It seemed like Chris Bukowski had finally met his match when he met Katie Morton on the sixth season of BiP. Chris was a veteran of the Bachelor franchise and its adjacent shows! He had gotten into relationships, broken up, and seemingly come back for more on The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, and the sixth season of BiP marked his fourth appearance on the spinoff! Katie, however, had only been on Colton’s season of The Bachelor.

When the two met, they were drawn to one another, remaining steady throughout the series — save for one date that Chris went on with another contestant, solidifying that the woman he wanted was Katie. Although Chris did propose to Katie by the end of the show, they admitted during the reunion special that their romance was still on the rocks. They made an effort to push one another and work on their communication skills, but the pair inevitably called it quits by December 2019.

Joe & Kendall

This one really hurt for Bachelor Nation. Throughout the fifth season of BiP, it was so clear that Joe Amabile, aka “Grocery Store Joe,” was head over heals for Kendall Long. After one date with another contestant, Kendall finally saw how much Joe cared about her, and the two went steady throughout the season. However, during a serious discussion when Joe teased possibly proposing to Kendall by the end of the show, Kendall got cold feet.

Joe left in huff, and Kendall followed him. As fans learned during the reunion special, Kendall actually fly to Chicago, Joe’s hometown, to discuss their relationship. They announced that they were, indeed, back together at the reunion special and couldn’t have looked happier. Between spending time together in Los Angeles, and flying back to Chicago, though, it was becoming a lot for the fan-favorite couple. They called it quits in January 2020, leaving many a BiP fan heartbroken.

Colton & Tia

After sharing with Becca Kufrin that she had gone on a few dates with Colton Underwood before Becca’s season of The Bachelorette filmed, it seemed like the stars finally aligned for Tia Booth on the shores of BiP. During the fifth season of Paradise, Tia and Colton finally got together. They went on dates, danced through the streets and everything seemed like it finally clicked for the pair.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to last. In front of all of Bachelor Nation, Colton and Tia tearfully broke up on the beaches of Paradise. It was an incredibly emotional moment, one that was topped off when the two saw each other again at the reunion special — where Colton debuted as the new lead of The Bachelor. Although their split was heart-wrenching, they seemed to be on good terms, with Tia wishing the former football star all the best.

Amanda & Josh

For many fans of Bachelor in Paradise, it almost seemed like this relationship was doomed from the start. Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton met on the third season of BiP and the sparks flew. Although there was some major shade directed at Josh, who was the winner of Andi Dorfman‘s season of The Bachelorette, Amanda and Josh somehow pulled through it and eventually got engaged by the end of the show!

It immediately became clear to Amanda, however, that things were not going to work out between them. The two had a volatile split, levying insults at one another and ending up on totally bad terms. Amanda went on to appear on the fourth season of BiP but quit by week four.