‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Derek Is Left Heartbroken After Demi’s GF Arrives In Mexico

Demi is finally forced to make a decision about where her feelings lie when her girlfriend from back home, Kristian, arrives on the 'Bachelor in Paradise' beach.

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The Aug. 20 episode of Bachelor in Paradise begins with Demi Burnett approaching Chris Harrison after being conflicted about her feelings for Derek Peth and her girlfriend back homeKristian Haggerty. Obviously, Derek is concerned. Demi admittedly has feelings for BOTH Kristian and Derek, but knows that one of them deserves all of her. She breaks down in tears as she tries to navigate what to do in this difficult situation.

Meanwhile, things are going well for Caitlin Clemmens and Blake Horstmann after their date, but Caitlin is concerned about the fact that Blake’s ex-fling, Kristina Schulman, gave him a friendship rose at the last rose ceremony. Kristina pulls Blake aside to chat, which sets Caitlin off even further. “I was happy after yesterday, but she keeps stabbing her way in there,” Caitlin complains to Caelynn Miller-Keyes. Eventually, Caitlin interrupts Kristina and Blake to talk to Kristina herself.

“I’m just wondering what the motive is here,” Caitlin admits. Kristina explains that she has no motive, but gave Blake the friendship rose because he’s her friend and she wants him to have an opportunity to find love. Caitlin isn’t convinced, and the women go back and forth. Eventually, Caitlin storms off and it’s clear that nothing is resolved.

Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski have also formed a connection, and they both assure each other that they’re into one another. However, Katie makes an off-handed comment that Chris should “do whatever he wants” because that’s what Paradise is about. At that point, Chris becomes concerned about whether or not Katie is as serious as he is about the relationship.

Enter: Jen Saviano, who previously dated Nick Viall on season three of Bachelor in Paradise. First, Jen pulls aside Blake, and then Dean Unglert. Caelynn and Dean have been hitting it off, and she’s aware of Dean’s playboy reputation, so Caelynn is quickly concerned. Dean stays true to their relationship, though, and tells Jen he won’t go on a date with her. At that point, Jen approaches Chris, and since he’s unsure of where Katie stands, he accepts her invitation to go on a date. This leaves Katie very concerned about whether or not she “self-sabotaged” her relationship with Chris.

Chris makes a point to pull Katie aside before the date and let her know that he’s only going out with Jen to get “clarity” about his feelings. Katie assures him that she’s okay with everything, but when he leaves, she breaks down in tears to Demi because she thinks she’s ruined what she and Chris had.

Things start out well for Chris and Jen, but he gets seasick right in the middle of the date, which puts a bit of a damper on things. However, when they get back to the beach, he pulls Jen aside so they can have more one-on-one time. He admits that he thinks he and Katie are on different pages, which scares him. “I’m looking forward to seeing where we go from here,” Chris tells Jen. As Katie continues to worry about her status with Chris, Chris and Jen move things to the hot tub, and end up making out. By the end of the night, Chris is completely torn. After his time with Jen is over, Chris pulls Katie aside, and she finally lets him know that she really likes him and is ready to fight for him. However, he admits that he still hasn’t found clarity and still needs time to think things over.

Meanwhile, Derek is still super worried about where Demi stands with their relationship. He’s very invested in her, and is concerned because she’s been pulling back. Then, Chris Harrison pulls Demi aside, which sets Derek’s anxiety even higher. Chris lets Demi know that he wants her to be in the best position to find love and clarity, and reveals that Kristian is in actually IN Paradise! The women have a sweet reunion, and Demi is brought to tears.

Kristian explains in her confessional that she wants to show Demi how serious about their relationship she is. Demi admits that she’s been conflicted, but eventually tells Kristian, “I thought not seeing you…I wouldn’t think about you as much and I’d think about what was in front of me. But the opposite happened. The more I was away from you…the more I thought about you. The more I spent time with him, the more you kept coming to the forefront of my mind. The second I saw you, I knew…it’s you. It’s always been you. I want to be with you.”

Of course, before things can go further, Demi has to talk to Derek. She explains how she’s feeling, and lays it out for Derek: “She’s going to stay here and I’m going to pursue a relationship with her here.” Derek is understanding, and lets Demi know that he just wants her to be happy. Obviously, though, he’s upset, and left concerned about why all the people he wants to be with wind up choosing someone else instead. Demi leaves Derek that he didn’t do ANYTHING wrong — her feelings are just with someone else. Still, Derek is left in tears.

Demi and Derek leave on good terms, and Demi asks Kristian to stay in Paradise so they can pursue their relationship. Kristian agrees, and she’s officially introduced to the group. The others are super supportive, and things get even better when Demi and Kristian are given a date card for more alone time.

On the date, Demi assures Kristian that she is 100% committed to her. “I will do whatever I need to do to make sure that I’m with you,” she gushes. “I feel so sure of it and I want to commit to you. I’ve never wanted to commit to someone like this before.” Kristian tells Demi that she loves her, and Demi reciprocates.