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How To Make Pale Skin Glow

How To Look Bronzey & Golden Even When You’re Super Pale

It’s a constant struggle of mine to look bronzey and golden despite my super pale skin. Katherine Heigl is back on the big screen for the first time in 2 years, and she rocked a glowing look to perfection at her premiere. Get her makeup artist’s tips below!

April 20, 2017
Celebs Who Adopted

Madonna Bonds With New Twins In Throwback Pic: See 14 More Celebs Who’ve Adopted

Madonna’s adoption of twin girls Stella & Esther was finalized earlier this month, and already the singer’s showered the 4-year-olds with social media love! In her latest pic, the girls are shown in their home country of Malawi and it is beyond precious! But Madonna’s not the only star to adopt. Check out 14 other celebs who have non-biological children here!

February 23, 2017
Katherine Heigl Pregnancy Weight Gain

Katherine Heigl Gets Real About 40 Lb Weight Gain & Post-Baby Body: ‘My Boobs Got Ginormous’

Giving birth for the 1st time last month, Katherine Heigl is already speaking out about the struggle of getting back in shape after having a baby. In a super candid interview, the star even admitted she gained 40 lbs while pregnant with her son, and after he was born, her bra size increased even MORE! Just wait until you hear her hilarious take on her postpartum bod.

January 25, 2017

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