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Damn Daniel Marriage Proposals

‘Damn Daniel’: Fans Flood Viral Star With Marriage Proposals – See Crazy Tweets

Damn, Daniel — will you marry me? That’s what fans of Daniel Lara and Josh Holtz’s viral video are saying to the young stars. While some offered to take Daniel to the prom, others are ready to say ‘I Do’ to Daniel and his white Vans. Click to see all the proposals!

Daniel Lara is the hottest hunk on the Internet — and he’s just in high school. After the “Damn Daniel” video of him and his pal, Josh Holtz, blew up, fans went totally wild for Dan and his Vans. You know what that means: marriage proposals!

February 22, 2016
Damn Daniel Memes

‘Damn Daniel’: See The Most Epic Memes Created After The Hilarious Video Goes Viral

‘Damn Daniel’ is sweeping the nation! The internet’s latest viral video has become the biggest meme of 2016. Check out the hilarious memes now!

“Damn Daniel” first broke the internet with a viral video, and now “Damn Daniel” has been transformed into epic memes. From “starter packs” to those epic white vans, we have the best memes of the video that’s taking over the internet.

February 22, 2016
Damn Daniel Song

‘Damn Daniel’: Rappers Create Epic Song After Video Goes Viral — Listen

‘Damn Daniel’ is taking the world by storm! After the hilarious video of Daniel Lara went viral, a group of rappers decided to turn the vid into a song. Take a listen to the catchy tune right here!

Who knew the phrase “Damn Daniel” would become an epic rap song? The viral video of Daniel Lara and his white Vans inspired rappers Little, Teej, and LeBlanc to create a track using the now-famous phrase…and it’s actually pretty awesome! See what you think of the “Damn Daniel” song below!

February 21, 2016
Damn Daniel Viral Video

‘Damn Daniel’ Speaks Out After Video Goes Viral — See His Message

Damn, Daniel is a good sport! Daniel Lara, the subject of the immensely popular meme ‘Damn Daniel’ has spoken out on Twitter about going viral, and he’s loving the attention! Click through to see his tweet!

High schooler Daniel Lara, has totally embraced his status as a bonafide viral sensation! The “Damn Daniel” star became an unwitting internet superstar thanks to a goofy vine his friend, Josh Holtz (Twitter user ) posted on February 15. He’s now telling the world how happy is that the whole thing happened! Click through to read his tweet!

February 21, 2016
Damn Daniel Video

‘Damn Daniel’: Watch The Viral Video That’s Breaking The Internet

If you haven’t heard someone say, ‘Damn, Daniel,’ in the last 24 hours then you’ve been living under a rock because Daniel Lara and his white Vans have pretty much taken over the internet. Watch the viral video here!

Want to know why everyone’s talking about Daniel Lara? Well, Daniel made his debut in a 30-second video, which has now gone viral, posted on Twitter Feb. 15 by his friend Joshua Holz. In it, Josh films Daniel walking around, looking cool, and showing off his many outfits. Each time Daniel debuts a new outfit, Josh exclaims, “Damn, Daniel!” Josh also pays special attention to a certain accessory: “back at it again with the white Vans!”

February 21, 2016
Who Is Damn Daniel

‘Damn Daniel’: 5 Things To Know About The Internet’s New Sensation

‘Damn Daniel’ is the newest video that’s breaking the internet. You may be asking, ‘Who the heck is Daniel?’ Here’s 5 things to know about the newest star taking over the World Wide Web! Plus, click to WATCH the video sweeping the internet!

The “Damn Daniel” video has become an internet frenzy. Daniel made his big debut on Twitter showing off his swag, and the rest is history. So who is this Daniel? We’ve rounded up 5 key things to know about “Damn Daniel!”

February 21, 2016

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