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Damn Daniel Modeling

‘Damn Daniel’ Offered Modeling Contract After Video Fame: Why He Turned It Down

How refreshing! ‘Damn Daniel’ Lara isn’t letting his newfound fame go to his head. In fact, he’s actually turning away modeling offers and has learned EXCLUSIVELY the shocking reason why!

Just because he’s achieved worldwide fame in just a few days doesn’t mean Daniel Lara wants to become a star! “Damn Daniel” has the world at his feet right now and pretty much could get any gig imaginable with his high profile. The handsome and fashionable teen has even been offered modeling work, but instead of jumping at the opportunity, he actually took a pass on it, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Keep reading for the surprising reason why he shot down such a great offer!

February 25, 2016
Damn Daniel Vans Commercial

Damn Daniel’s Epic Next Video Plans Revealed: A Sexy Woman In A White Vans Commercial

Don’t think for a second that ‘Damn Daniel’ Lara’s 15 minutes of fame are over. His latest plan is to film a Vans commercial in hopes of capitalizing on his newfound fame with the white shoes, has EXCLUSIVELY learned.

Way to strike while the iron is hot guys! Daniel Lara and pal Josh Holz are going to to be teaming up for another video, but this one won’t be on the fly like the infamous “Damn Daniel” one that ended up going massively viral. has EXCLUSIVELY found out that the boys are reaching for the stars and shooting a commercial for the Vans shoes made so popular by the teen!

February 25, 2016
Damn Daniel Harassed

Damn Daniel Getting ‘Harassed’ & ‘Chased’ After Viral Video: Wants To Change Schools

The life of a viral video star isn’t easy! Poor Daniel Lara, the 14-year-old star of the ‘Damn Daniel’ video, is being ‘chased around’ and ‘harassed’ after his video got the world’s attention, his friend tells EXCLUSIVELY. Here’s what we know.

It turns out that overnight fame can be pretty overwhelming! Daniel Lara, 14, the adorable subject of the viral “Damn Daniel” video is frequently getting “harassed” and being “chased around”, his friend tells in an EXCLUSIVE interview. See why he’s considering changing schools, here.

February 25, 2016
Damn Daniel Bombs Away Remix

‘Damn Daniel’: The Best Damn Remix Of The Viral Video You’ll Ever Hear — Listen

Damn! Bombs Away is back at it with the sick jams. On Feb. 24, Australian sibling DJs Sketch and Tommy Shades produced and posted what is only the most epic remix of the ‘Damn, Daniel!’ viral video you’ll ever hear. Seriously — listen to it here!

If you’ve seen the “Damn, Daniel!” viral video, then we’re pretty sure you’ve had the saying stuck in your head over the past few days. Well, now imagine that, along with “back at it again with the white Vans,” mixed with some sick beats and you’ll get the “Damn Daniel — Bombs Away Remix,” which was created by Australian siblings DJs Sketch and Tommy Shades. Play it once and you’ll be hooked. It’s honestly one of the most amazing things we’ve ever heard.

February 24, 2016
Damn Daniel Best Moments Ellen

Damn Daniel & Joshua Holz: Their Cutest 5 Moments On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

The boys behind ‘Damn Daniel’ visited ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ just days after their video went viral, and it made for some pretty adorable moments. See the top five cutest things that happened right here!

Joshua Holz had no intention of becoming Internet superstars when he filmed his buddy Daniel Lara and his White vans for a Snapchat vid called “Damn Daniel.” But with more than 45 million views now racked up, that’s totally what happened! So when Ellen DeGeneres brought the boys onto her show on Feb. 24, the overnight celebs were somewhat shy — but totally cute! Keep reading to see our fave moments!

February 24, 2016
Ellen Degeneres Damn Daniel Vine

Ellen DeGeneres Gets Her Own ‘Damn Daniel’ Vine — Watch The Hilarious Video

Damn, Ellen! Daniel Lara and Joshua Holz, the viral video masterminds behind ‘Damn Daniel,’ paid a visit to ‘The Ellen DeGeneres show’ on Feb. 25. Oh, you know she wasn’t going to let them leave without saying the Internet’s most famous words. Click to watch her Vine!

“Damn Daniel” is so four days ago. The Internet is all going to be about the next viral craze: “Damn, Ellen.” Ellen DeGeneres, 58, was back at it again with the White vans and she’s about to blow up, thanks to some help from Daniel Lara and Joshua Holz.

February 24, 2016
Damn Daniel Famous

‘Damn Daniel’ Star Reveals To Ellen The Exact Moment He Realized His Fame — Watch

Before ‘Damn Daniel’ went viral, Daniel Lara was just a regular 14-year-old guy — and he can pinpoint the exact moment he knew that all changed. Watch the Internet sensation’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres and find out how he realized he was famous right here!

Daniel Lara became a star overnight, and now he’s even made it onto The Ellen DeGeneres show! The 14-year-old appears on the Feb. 24 episode, and told the talk show host all about what his life has been like since the ‘Damn Daniel’ video, recorded by his buddy, Joshua Holz, went viral. Check it out!

February 24, 2016

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