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Bill Cosby Ordered To Face Trial For Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Andrea Constand In 2004

Bill Cosby will finally face one of his nearly-60 accusers in court. A judge ruled on May 24 that there’s enough evidence surrounding his alleged 2004 sexual assault of Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee, to put the disgraced comedian on trial.

Finally, after countless allegations of rape and violent sexual assault, Bill Cosby, 78, is going to stand trial. After reviewing the case of Bill’s alleged sexually assaulting Andrea Constand, 42, more than 10 years ago, a judged has ordered him to defend himself in court!

May 24, 2016
Bill Cosby Admitted To Sex With Teens

Bill Cosby Admitted To Sex With Teens: Says Agency Sent Him Young Models Weekly

Not again! New documents from a 2005 deposition have been released, and in them, Bill Cosby allegedly admitted to having sex with at least two teen girls. Even more shocking, he reportedly said an agency used to send him young girls on a weekly basis. Find out more here.

Things are not looking up for Bill Cosby, 78. On the eve of the preliminary hearing on the lone criminal case against Cosby, the Associated Press released pieces from a deposition in a long settled civil suit against the actor. Among other things, Bill claims an agency would send him young models every week, so his wife wouldn’t find out he was cheating.

May 23, 2016

Kevin Hart: Fans Freak After Google Mistakes Him For Bill Cosby — See Tweets

We’re not sure if this was an honest mistake or someone’s idea of a practical joke, but if you googled how much Bill Cosby was worth on March 16, a picture of Kevin Hart popped up in place of the TV legend.

Whoopsie! How on Earth could anyone confuse 36-year-old comedian Kevin Hart with TV icon and current sexual assault suspect Bill Cosby, 78? Well, that was the question the entire internet was asking when if you asked Google’s search engine how much Bill Cosby was worth, a photo of a smiling Kevin popped up in place of The Cosby Show star, and of course the Twittersphere went nuts.

March 16, 2016
Kanye West Bill Cosby Innocent

Kanye West Shockingly Shows Support For Bill Cosby: Insists ‘He’s Innocent’

Kanye West has been making some questionable choice on Twitter lately, but this might be the most shocking yet! On Feb. 9 Kanye tweeted his support for alleged rapist Bill Cosby. Just weeks before he called out the embattled actor in a new rap. We have all the details here.

Oh, Kanye West. Once again he’s getting a little crazy on Twitter, and this time he might have gotten a little too controversial. On Feb. 9 Kanye insisted that Bill Cosby is “innocent” in his rape allegations. This comes just weeks after he called the same actor out for his crimes in a new song. Here’s what we know.

February 9, 2016
Bill Cosby Camille Testifying Against Him

Bill Cosby’s Wife Camille, 71, Ordered To Testify Against Him — So Shocking

In a shocking development, Camille Cosby is being forced to testify in the civil case against her husband, Bill Cosby. A judge has decided that Camille failed to prove that she should be protected by Massachusetts’ marital disqualification law, and now she will be forced to provide deposition. Wow!

Camille Cosby, 71, is no longer being protected by marital disqualification, and will now have to testify against her husband, Bill Cosby, 78! Bill is being sued for defamation by seven women whom he called liars after they accused him of sexual assault. Camille’s scheduled to be deposed for the women on Wednesday, January 6. Click through to see the court docs in our gallery!

January 4, 2016
Kanye West Disses Bill Cosby Steve Harvey

Kanye West Attacks Bill Cosby & Steve Harvey In New Rap ‘Facts’ — Listen

Kanye West is starting 2016 off by throwing some major shade! Yeezy dropped a new song titled ‘Facts’ on Dec. 31, and it totally slams both Steve Harvey AND Bill Cosby. Listen to his disses right here!

Is Kanye West, 38, trying to start a feud with Steve Harvey and Bill Cosby in the new year? Both Bill and Steve had a rather rough 2015, and Kanye isn’t going to let them forget it. He attacked both of the controversial comedians in a new track, “Facts,” and while it’s not shocking to hear Kanye shade another celeb, he may have outdone himself with the disses he throws out in the song!

January 1, 2016

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