Kyle Richards Talks Mauricio Umansky Split and Prenup Details: Video – Hollywood Life

Kyle Richards Admits That She & Mauricio Umansky Don’t Have a Prenup & Reveals Where They Stand

The 'RHOBH' star opened up about her ongoing marital troubles during a recent radio appearance and even revealed whether or not she'd eventually file for divorce.

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Kyle Richards Talks Mauricio Umansky Split and Prenup Details: Video
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Kyle Richards, 55, set the record straight about her relationship status during a January 25 appearance on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star opened up about her marriage to Mauricio Umansky and revealed whether or not they have a prenup in place. “So, I’ll tell you right now where we’re at. I mean, you know, we’re all in therapy now, which makes it easier for me because also Mo did not want to say, so I was in a weird position,” Kyle said during the interview.

The reality star also revealed that her husband did not want to publicly admit they were having trouble in their marriage. “I’m not going to say, ‘Too bad. I’m on a reality show.’ He’s not signed up for this show,” the Bravo personality continued in the clip. “He didn’t even want to when it came out that we were having a problem and I put that post on our Instagram. He didn’t want me to say that we’re having a problem.”

Kyle later admitted that one of her daughters asked her not to publicly discuss the marital drama. “Even my daughter said, ‘You can’t do that. It’s obvious,’ and it’s a lot psychologically, you know?” the mother-of-four said. “We’ve been together, I mean, I’ve been married almost my entire adult life and I don’t even know what life is without being with Mauricio.” Kyle and the real estate mogul have been married since 1996 and began dodging divorce rumors in 2023.

Mauricio’s estranged wife confirmed that they still live together but remain in separate bedrooms. “We live together in the same house in different bedrooms,” Kyle said. After the host, Jeff Lewis, asked the Halloween Kills actress whether or not Mauricio can spend time at a different house, Kyle confirmed that they don’t mind living together. “Yeah, but we don’t, really. I mean, he spent a lot of time in Aspen recently while I was here and then I went there for two weeks with our daughters,” she shared.

Despite the split, Kyle noted that they still share meals together and spend time together as a family. “It’s not like you go here, I go there,” she said. Additionally, she explained that her relationship with Mo “has changed form” in recent months. Jeff asked if she and Mauricio have contemplated legally filing for divorce and dividing their assets, as he knows some couples who stay married to avoid the asset drama.

Kyle admitted that it would be “difficult,” but she would consider it. “Well, that sounds very difficult. Yes. Well, that’s not what my main focus is. I mean, if we’re not going to be together, I would get divorced a hundred percent,” she said. “I would not live like that. I wouldn’t because psychologically, I would need to move on. I would never do that just for properties. You know, we did not have a prenup. My husband did not have a penny when I married him.”

The mother of Mauricio’s daughters then clarified where they stand on financial matters. “We built everything together and there’s no prenup,” Kyle added. “So, it’s very clean cut. It’s everything’s half regardless, so that’s not an issue for me and I mean, we would probably just keep our homes. We don’t fight. We’re not a toxic couple.” Before the interview ended, Kyle added that she did not anticipate her marriage falling apart. “I do not want to be in this position. I never wanted to be in this position,” she shared. “I thought I knew where I would be until the day I died, so that’s a lot to process.”