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Fans Think Taylor Swift Went Public With Travis Kelce to Distract From BFF Sophie Turner’s Divorce

Taylor Swift did call herself a "Mastermind" after all. So did she conjure up an epic plan to give Sophie Turner a break from the media frenzy over her divorce?

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Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift might be the greatest friend ever if a new TikTok theory is true. Fans have come up with a “conspiracy” that Taylor, 33, publicly supported her rumored new boyfriend, Travis Kelce, 33, at his football game on September 24 to distract everyone from her pal Sophie Turner‘s ongoing divorce from Joe Jonas. All anyone could talk about was Sophie, 27, and her drama with Joe, 34, until Taylor made her big appearance at the Kansas City Chiefs game. And during the week leading up to the NFL match, Taylor hung out with Sophie several times in New York City. Coincidence? We think not.

TikTok user DanniHummingbird broke down the latest T-Swift theory on September 25. Her video is going viral on the internet and the Swifties are totally onboard with the speculation.


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“I have a theory that Taylor took all of these risks associated with her debuting her relationship with Mr. Kelce in such a public way — you know, potentially risking the ire of all those NFL fans … football fans, whatever — because of her devotion to her friend,” she said in the video. “Where did we last see Taylor Swift? Out to dinner with who? Miss Sophie Turner! What’s going on with Miss Sophie Turner right now? Horrible, nasty, awful divorce.”

“And we see Taylor, and she’s zoned in, she’s locked into her friend, she’s active listening and I can almost hear the words, I can almost hear her say, ‘What can I do?’ Because there’s nothing you can do, but what is Taylor Swift have right now? The media in a what? In a chokehold!” she continued. “Now, she goes in, she’s met the mom, she drives away in the getaway car, it’s like, picturesque, we can’t get enough. No one’s been talking about Sophie.”

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are rumored to be dating (Photo: Shutterstock)

Leading up to the Chiefs-Chicago Bears game, Sophie and Joe’s divorce was the biggest news story in the media. Taylor, who dated Joe when she was younger, supported the Game of Thrones actress by going out to dinner with her in NYC on September 19 and September 21. On the day of their second dinner, Sophie sued Joe over the custody of their two children, though that legal debacle has since been resolved for the time being.

After her nights out with Sophie, Taylor decided to put her rumored relationship with Travis in the spotlight. The “Anti-Hero” singer sat with Travis’ mom, Donna Kelce, in box seats at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, and cheered on the professional athlete and his team as they played the Bears. After the Chiefs’ victory, Taylor and Travis met up inside the stadium and left in his convertible, as seen in fan videos.

Later that night, Travis reportedly rented out a restaurant for an afterparty that Taylor attended. An eyewitness told ET that the two “were very affectionate with one another but kept things fun and lighthearted.” Travis previously confirmed that he tried giving Taylor his phone number when he attended her Eras Tour over the summer. News of their romantic connection broke on September 12, when a source told The Messenger that Taylor and Travis “have been quietly hanging out.”