‘Baywatch’ Alum Donna D’Errico Blasts New Plastic Surgery Accusations With Cheeky Photo

Two weeks after Donna D'Errico wowed in a glittering gown, she took to Instagram to share a cheeky photo on May 21 to clap back at her haters.

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donna d'errico thong onesie
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No one does a cheeky post like Donna D’Errico, 55! The Baywatch alum took to Instagram on May 21 to show off her bum in a thong onesie while she also used the caption to clap back at her haters (see PHOTO HERE). In the photo, the blonde bombshell faced away from the camera and only put her backside on full display. “Acceptance is an interesting thing. We all want it, we crave it, whether we want to admit it or not. We try to conform to society’s standards and norms and do what is expected of us for fear of being rejected or criticized,” she began in the lengthy caption.

(Donna D’Errico Instagram)
Donna D’Errico wrote a message about her body and surgery rumors on May 21. (Donna D’Errico Instagram)

Further in the caption, Donna went on to shine a light on the high standards of beauty for people in Hollywood. “We want to be loved, to be admired, appreciated…wanted. Included. Important. Noticed. When we are criticized or rejected, it stings,” the 55-year-old went on. “We may act like it doesn’t bother us but down deep it does. We suddenly feel inadequate. Less than. Not good enough.” The TV personality continued to share words of encouragement to her 1.7 million followers. “I’m here to tell you that you ARE good enough. You ARE important. You’re f****** amazing. Exactly as you are. It took me awhile to figure that out for myself,” Donna penned.

Donna went on to admit that after the death of her mom she gained weight and “Ate. A lot,” due to her grief. After she decided to get back into shape, she revealed that she had surgery to tighten up her “loose” skin. “When cancer wrapped it’s claws around my mother and ripped her from my life, I let myself completely go. Stopped working out. Ate. A lot. Laid in grief for months,” the mother-of-two wrote. “I decided my mom wouldn’t like what I’d become so I pulled myself up out of the muck and got my a** to the gym and cleaned up my diet. I lost over 40 pounds in 6 months,” she continued. “The weight loss left some loose skin I didn’t like so I went in and got that buttoned up and have no shame in admitting that.”

Donna D'Errico thong onesie
Donna D’Errico rocked a thong onesie in her latest Instagram post. (MEGA)

The former wife of musician Nikki Sixx, also admitted that she is happy where she is at with her body. “It made me feel better and more confident. People love to say I owe my body to plastic surgery. If saying that and believing that makes them feel better about themselves, go for it,” Donna clapped back. “I know what it took to get my body to where I want it and for me that is enough.” In light of her new photoshoot, concluded her message to pen a final note on self-love. “So this is me. All of me. From every angle. No I’m not perfect. But perfect is impossible and boring. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I am enjoying freeing myself from fear of judgement by posting them. And if you don’t that’s ok too. Peace and love and light my friends,” she ended the long caption.

Most recently, Donna made headlines for sizzling in a Princess Leia-inspired bikini on May 4. “Happy Star Wars Day!! What’s your favorite @starwars film? Who is your favorite character? #princessleia #maythe4thbewithyou,” she wrote in the caption of the sexy bikini post. And later, on May 9, she switched up her typical bikini feed and rocked a glittering black dress. “Here’s me squatting in my yard in an evening gown. Have a merry night, friends,” she captioned the outdoor photo.