Blake Shelton & John Legend Spoof ’70s Sitcom ‘The Odd Couple’ In Hilarious Video: Watch

The full spoof will be aired on the Season 22 finale of 'The Voice' on Tuesday, Dec. 13. Watch part of it here.

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Blake Shelton and John Legend are hoping to put a smile on viewers’ faces during the season finale of The Voice with their hilarious spoof of the 1970s sitcom The Odd Couple. Blake, 46, and John, 43, paired up for their skit, The Oddest Couple, for the Dec. 13 Season 22 finale and had the country crooner taking on the role of super messy and unorganized Oscar Madison (originally played by Jack Klugman), while John portrayed the super tidy and organized Felix Unger (originally portrayed by Tony Randall). The video, which can be seen above, began with a purposefully corny intro that shows Blake and John living together.

The montage showed them drinking milk together — with the “God’s Country” hitmaker drinking out of the carton and John out of a glass — and then John shaking his head at Blake for his antics. Another clip showed the pair laughing because they almost wore each other’s jackets, while another portion of the video showed how the friends contrast: Blake chose to eat pizza for dinner with his feet kicked up onto the coffee table, while John dined on some sushi with his formal cloth napkin tucked into his shirt. The show’s intro ended with the two musicians sitting down together to watch The Voice.

Blake Shelton John Legend The Voice
Blake Shelton plays the messy housemate while John Legend plays the type-A neat freak in their spoof of ‘The Odd Couple’ (Photo: Courtesy of NBC/Youtube)

After the show intro ended, the skit opened up with Blake and the “All Of Me” singer preparing for the holiday party they’re hosting. “Everything looks perfect for our holiday party,” John smiled as he admired the garland he wrapped around the home’s staircase. He then looked over at Blake’s progress to see a small, sad-looking tree without any needles on it being topped with a cowboy hat. “The neighbors threw it out last year, so I grabbed it,” Blake told John regarding the tree’s origins. “Well, at least my sided of the room looks good,” John stated.

The final scene showed John getting frustrated with Blake for making a mess as he tried to clean. He then went over the to-do list again and asked Blake who he invited. Blake said he had everything under control, which he clearly didn’t.  “I wonder if he’s going to be mad that I forgot to send out the invites,” Blake said after the expecting father left the room.

The Voice Season 22 judges
Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello, and John Legend serve as the ‘The Voice’ Season 22 judges (Photo: Casey Durkin/NBC)

Blake and John have team members as the top four finalists in Season 22 of The Voice. John is supporting Omar Jose Cardona, while Blake has Bodie, Bryce Leatherwood, and Brayden Lape vying for the prize. Fans can see who comes out on top, as well as watch live performances by Kane Brown, Kelly Clarkson, Maluma, Season 21 winners Girl Named Tom, and more on NBC at 9 p.m. EST.