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Gwyneth Paltrow Snacks on Her Infamous Vagina Candle — Literally — In Uber Eats SB Ad

Gwyneth Paltrow says her 'This Smells Like My Vagina' candle tastes 'funny.' See what Trevor Noah and Jennifer Coolidge nibble on for their feature in the Uber Eats Super Bowl LVI ad!

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Gwyneth Paltrow
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Gwyneth Paltrow is finding out the hard way that Uber Eats’ is more than just a take-out food delivery service. In the company’s Super Bowl LVI ad campaign teaser, the Oscar winner — and many others, including Jennifer Coolidge and Trevor Noah — have to adjust to a brave new world after Uber Eats delivers things that…aren’t food. “Wait,” says Jennifer at the start of the ad airing during the big game, while holding a roll of aluminum foil, “if it was delivered with Uber Eats, does that mean, I can eats it?” First off, someone needs to give Jennifer an Emmy for that line alone. Secondly, the chaos that follows is just as hilarious. People eat the products that Uber Eats delivered — kitty litter, deodorant, diapers — to find out that they aren’t edible.

When it’s Gwyneth’s turn, it gets doubly funny. The star is relaxing at home with her Uber Eats shopping bag that is filled with household items including her infamous “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle, which made headlines for its title when it retailed on her GOOP site for $75. As she deduces the candle must be for snacking, Gwyneth takes a huge bite out of it. “This candle tastes funny,” she muses. “Not bad, but… funny.” From there, Trevor declares that Uber Eats has people confused over what even is FOOD anymore, and it’s all just bedlam. Thankfully, it’s not a mix-up, but just a reveal of how Uber is now delivering “Uber Don’t Eats.”

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow takes a bite out of her infamous candle for an Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial. (Uber Eats)

Gwyneth, Trevor, and Jennifer all appeared in previews of the commercial. In Jennifer’s teaser, the White Lotus actress pulls a tube of lipstick from the company-branded shopping bag, and much like Gwyneth, decides it must be for consuming. After testing the lipstick out on her tongue, Jennifer takes a little nibble and exclaims, “Ooh, it tastes like purple!” She then devours part of a makeup brush, adding, “I love this! Oh my God!”

The Daily Show host follows suit in his teaser, as he unpacks his Uber Eats bag to find a stick of deodorant. At first thinking that he should apply it to his underarm, Trevor second-guesses himself and decides to eat some of the personal hygiene product. He appears to be fine with the initial taste, before gagging on it, as it clearly must taste awful.

The complete Uber Eats commercial will air on Feb. 13 when the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams face off during Super Bowl LVI, which will be broadcast live from the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. Other notable companies throwing their hat in the famed Super Bowl ad ring include Sam’s Club, Busch Light, Old Spice, Lay’s, Hellman’s and Rocket Mortgage.

To celebrate this new venture, Uber Eats is also launching a series of exclusive in-app experiences to get consumers ready for the big game, including Big Game Goods Hub, a Super Bowl hub to help fans get grocery, alcohol, clean-up items, and more; Official Goop Store, where consumers in NYC/LA will be able to purchase Goop products exclusively on-demand; and Valentine’s Day Hub, where romantic Uber users can get up to $20 off V-Day Eats and Don’t Eats like flowers, chocolates, candles, bath bombs and more.