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Julia Fox Insists Kanye West Romance Isn’t A PR Stunt: We ‘Make Sense’ As A Couple

The 'Uncut Gems' actress shut down rumors that her newfound romance with Kanye West is just for the publicity!

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Julia Fox, Kanye West
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Julia Fox, 31, is fighting back against rumors that she’s only been dating Kanye West44, for the press coverage! The actress opened up about her relationship with Yeezy (as well as where she stands with her ex-husband and daughter’s father Peter Artemiev) in a Thursday January 13 episode of her podcast Forbidden Fruits in a new episode, titled “Behind the Scenes with Julia Fox.”

The model, whose been romantically linked to Kanye since the very beginning of 2022, pushed back on people who think that Ye and Julia’s relationship is all a major stunt. She did seem amused by various people’s theories. “There’s always people that think that every single celebrity scandal is a set up. I personally don’t,” she said near the end of the podcast. Earlier she referenced her 2019 Paper magazine photoshoot with Kanye’s ex Kim Kardashian‘s new beau Pete Davidson, and mentioned she’d seen some people theorizing on it. “It is funny to see where people go with their conspiracy theories,” she said.

Julia and Kanye have been super close since meeting on New Year’s Eve. (WavyPeter / SplashNews)

Earlier in the discussion, she mentioned that the relationship shouldn’t seem that surprising since she, Kanye, Kim and Pete “were all connected even prior,” but she explained that she understands why she might surprise some people. “I’m not the most obvious choice. Maybe, because I just came sort of out of left field,” she said. While some fans may not have pegged Julia as Kanye’s next girlfriend after his divorce from Kim, she explained that her friends think they’re a perfect match. “All the people that we have in common—like, friends in common—have texted me and been like, ‘Oh my god, this makes so much sense,” she said.

Other than speaking about all the press surrounding her relationship, Julia also gushed about how well she and Kanye have clicked, and she said that he’s even showed her some of the new songs he’s been working on. “It’s just people that make each other feel better. It’s really such a Gemini-Aquarius connection. It’s very inspirational. Our minds, we both work very fast. We keep up with each other, which is very cool,” she said. “He’s really a f**king genius, and it’s honestly just an honor to be in the presence and to be able to witness history.”

Kanye and Julia have gone on a number of romantic dates since they first met at the start of 2022. (SplashNews)

Before the podcast, Julia revealed that she met Kanye on New Year’s Eve in Miami, and the two hit it off in a piece she wrote for Interview. She gushed over the rapper throughout the story. “[I]t was an instant connection. His energy is so fun to be around,” she wrote. “He had me and my friends laughing, dancing, and smiling all night.” Since the start of the year, Julia and Kanye have been spotted on a number of romantic evenings together including dinner dates and nights at the theater.