Khloe Kardashian ‘Saddened’ That Tristan Thompson May Have Cheated On Her For 5 Months

Khloe Kardashian 'will never get back together' with Tristan Thompson after learning that he allegedly fathered a child with Maralee Nichols, a source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

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Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian
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Khloe Kardashian has no plans to reconcile with ex Tristan Thompson in the wake of his alleged affair with Maralee Nichols. “Khloe is done with Tristan,” a source close to the Kardashian family tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He is going to be allowed to have a lifelong relationship with his daughter True and she is not going to prevent him from doing this. But as far as she is concerned, she will never get back together with him, not after this.”

The source’s remarks are in reference to the news that Tristan, 30, allegedly fathered the child Maralee, 31, gave birth to on Dec. 3. Maralee, a personal trainer from Texas, has sued Tristan for child support, and he has asked for a paternity test in regards to the child that may be his.

Khloe and Tristan
Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson and their daughter True Thompson in Calabasas, Calif. on August 30, 2021 (Photo: DIGGZY/JESAL/Shutterstock)

The NBA star admitted to having sex with Maralee after his 30th birthday party in Houston, Texas in March, at which point he and Khloe, 37, were still together before their June 2021 split. Although Tristan said that night was the only time the pair had relations, Maralee has claimed that they had a “five month affair” that allegedly took place in California, as well. “Khloe found about this baby very recently and he even let her know about the existence of a lawsuit, but he did not go into detail about it,” the Kardashian source told HL. “He led her to believe it was a one-night stand that could have resulted in a baby being born that may be his. But the fact that he may have cheated on Khloe for five months was completely new information to Khloe. She is extremely saddened by this, as she really thought for a minute that he would one day wake up and realize that she is the best thing that ever happened to him. She knows now that he has never changed and will never change.”

Khloe, who is continuing to co-parent her 3-year-old daughter with Tristan, “is very intent on speaking to Maralee because she believes that this woman will tell her the truth,” the source said. “She cannot rely on Tristan to tell her the truth anymore. And if this baby is his, which will be determined by the testing, she does not want to prevent her daughter from having a relationship with any of her biological siblings. They will cross that bridge when they get to it.”

Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian
Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian in Los Angeles on January 13, 2019 (Photo: Shutterstock)

This isn’t the first time that Tristan has cheated on Khloe. The first confirmed incident was back in 2018 while the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was pregnant with True. A year later, he kissed Kylie Jenner‘s BFF Jordyn Woods at a party — prompting another split. They ended up getting back together in early 2021 but broke up again in June, roughly three months after Tristan’s sexual encounter with Maralee took place.

In court docs, Maralee, who is now living in California, has asked for reimbursement of expenses for pregnancy related services like a doula and birthing class, as well as child support. Tristan has specifically asked for the case to be moved from California to Texas as he claims Maralee does not have a permanent residence in Los Angeles. Tristan also urged the personal trainer to take the $75,000 he was offering in exchange for dropping her paternity lawsuit against him.

Tristan Thompson’s reps and lawyers haven’t responded to our many requests for comment.