‘MDLNY’: Tyler Whitman Promises A ‘Vulnerable & Special’ New Season With 1st Female Cast Member Kirsten Jordan

Tyler Whitman EXCLUSIVELY reveals why 'MDLNY' 'needed' its first female cast member, Kirsten Jordan.

Million Dollar Listing New York kicked off season 9 with both new and familiar faces during its premiere on May 6 — Including a cross-over moment with former RHONY star Kelly Bensimon, 53! And now, series star Tyler Whitman reveals why he’s pleased to have Kirsten Jordan join the show — he also teases some fun times ahead. “Personally, [Kirsten’s addition to the cast] was very needed,” Tyler told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY of during an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live on May 6. “It’s exciting. I think she’s going to make all of the women out there very proud. She’s a badass.”

Tyler joined Ryan Serhant, 36, and Frederik Eklund, 44, as a full-time cast member at the start of Season 8, so he knows Kirsten has what it takes to make it on the show. “She’s got 3 kids and she’s a very hard worker, she’s very successful” Tyler said. “She is tough.”

As fans saw in the trailer ahead of the premiere, things didn’t start off on the right foot for him and Kirsten, but Tyler is already promising that that drama will be short-lived. “We definitely went toe to toe a few times,” Tyler explained. “At first, I was like, ‘Oh, this person and I are not going to get along.’ But then our relationship really evolved. I think the audience is going to enjoy the journey that she and I are going to go on. We’ve become — I don’t want to give away too much, but we’ve become very close.”

The show is known for its dramatic bidding wars and over the top open houses, but most of the show was shot during the Coronavirus pandemic. “New York went through a lot,” Tyler stated. “We started filming this before — There were whispers of Coronavirus, but I don’t think anyone was giving it too much thought at the time. And then I remember we were all filming and we were like, ‘Is this about to be a thing?’ Meanwhile I’m like, ‘These people are about to get a story!’ and a story you get.”

With everything shifting virtual after filming kicked off, Tyler teases a bit of a lighter season for the fans — But of course — There will be heated moments, too! “A long season because we’ve been filming for a-year-and-a-half,” Tyler said. “I think what’s made for such a special season and I can only speak on behalf of me and my listings that I showed, I’m very lucky that a lot of my buyers and sellers got very vulnerable and told the story of what this was like for them and really opened up their homes and really opened up their hearts and it was really, really hard in the darkest days of New York real estate. Yes, it’s still going to be fun! It’s still going to be funny. You’re going to have a great time. I’m a positive energy person. It’s nice. You’re going to get a lot of doses of real life. You’re going to see some great real estate. You’re also going to connect with some real people stories. It’s going to be a special season.”

MDLNY airs Thursday nights at 9pm on Bravo.

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