‘RHONJ’ Reunion: Jennifer Aydin Drops Huge Bombshell About The Evan Cheating Rumor

The 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' reunion uncovered an alleged secret that would very likely ruin ruin a few friendships.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey kicked off Part 1 of its reunion special with a bang on May 19, when Jennifer Aydin dropped a massive bombshell about that Evan Goldschneider cheating rumor.

All season long, viewers were led to believe that it was Teresa Giudice who started the rumor about Jackie‘s husband. After all, she was seen telling everyone that Evan hooks up with women at his gym during the season premiere in early February. But during the reunion, Jennifer blamed their co-star, Margaret Josephs, for being “the cause” of the rumor.

During a fight between Jennifer and Margaret, in the final few minutes of this week’s episode, Jennifer yelled, “You instigate, I retaliate”. She then looked at host Andy Cohen and said, “I’m trying to tell you that she is the cause of the rumor.”

Immediately after Jennifer made the reveal, the camera showed Jackie’s shocked reaction before panning in on Margaret’s face.

“Now, you’re gonna go down, Jennifer,” Margaret yells back. Dolores Catania and Melissa Gorga looked surprised by what was being said, but we must note that when the camera zoomed in on Teresa, she showed a hint of a smile.

To see the full reaction to Jennifer’s reveal, viewers will have to wait for Part 2, which airs next week, but that wasn’t the only major moment of the night.

Other major reveals included Teresa shading Margaret’s husband for only being a plumber (she said Jennifer had more of a right to be proud about her husband’s profession since he’s a plastic surgeon), Melissa, Jackie and Margaret accusing Jennifer of throwing her mother under the buss for a storyline (Jennifer clapped back by saying Melissa only got on the show because of Teresa), Joe Gorga vowing to never talk about Joe Giudice again, and Jennifer claiming Margaret also accused Joe Gorga of not paying people that work for him.

Want more drama? Part 2 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion airs next Wednesday at 9pm on Bravo.