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Pete Davidson’s Reaction To Ariana Grande’s Surprise Wedding Revealed 2 Years After Split

Pete Davidson has 'moved on' from Ariana Grande after they ended their engagement in 2018, but sources reveal how he truly feels about her secret wedding with Dalton Gomez and if he plans to make a 'public gesture.'

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Pete Davidson was once engaged to Ariana Grande in 2018, but she ultimately walked down the aisle with luxury real estate agent Dalton Gomez instead over the weekend of May 15. Regardless, “Pete has moved on from Ariana but he without a shadow of a doubt wants her to be happy and he assumes she must be if she is now married,” a source close to the Saturday Night Live star EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife after a rep confirmed the marriage news with us on May 17. But will Pete put out a public statement in light of this huge development in Ariana’s life, since she was once a huge part of the comic’s life as well?

Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande dated between May to October of 2018, and were engaged for a majority of their short-lived romance. They’re pictured here at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. [Shutterstock]
“He doesn’t feel like it is his place to make a public gesture about but also assumes he will be asked about it down the road but the fact remains,” our insider reveals, who adds, “He is happy that she is happy and he wishes her the best because he doesn’t have any ill will towards her and he wouldn’t expect her to have any for him if and when the shoe is on a different foot and he gets married down the line. It is all good.” Pete struck up a romance with Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor in 2021, but the relationship is still too new to have sparked any engagement rumors.

Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande were also known for their iconic outfits as a couple; Pete’s seen here rocking a Balenciaga T-shirt while Ariana wears her iconic thigh-high boots. [MEGA]
Other sources reiterate what our first says — Pete is the opposite of heartbroken over Ariana’s surprise wedding. “Of course Pete’s happy for Ariana and wishes her the best,” another source who’s close to The King of Staten Island star EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. Given that it has nearly been three years since Pete and Ariana broke up, our second insider adds, “A lot of time has passed since they were together and they’ve both dated other people since they went their separate ways.” After his breakup with Ariana, and before Phoebe came along, Pete dated many stars: Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley and Kaia Gerber.

Ariana Grande with Dalton Gomez. She announced their engagement in Dec. 2020. [Instagram/@arianagrande]

“He knows Ariana has wanted to get married ever since she wore a wedding dress during an episode for iCarly years ago. So it was bound to happen eventually and he’s just glad she found someone who makes her happy,” our second insider adds.

Pete once “genuinely” wished Ariana “the best” during a segment on SNL that aired after their split (you can watch it below), and he still stands by that statement. “When he said he wishes her the best he really meant it,” a third source, who is close to Pete as well, EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “Pete had a great time when he was with her but he fully accepts that it wasn’t meant to last forever and he’s cool with that. They had a moment in time and now they have both moved on and he’s genuinely happy she’s found love.”

Pete has found love too, as we mentioned earlier! “He’s happy in his own life too,” our third source adds. “Things are still on with Phoebe, they’re doing the long distance thing and Pete seems to be super into her. He’s not one to kiss and tell too much but it’s obvious he’s very into her.” Phoebe lives in the United Kingdom, but Pete has been spotted in England in March and again in April (on the latter trip, they were even photographed together for the very first time).

While Ariana is now happily married to Dalton, her love story with Pete will likely never be forgotten. It was a whirlwind romance: they began dating in the summer of 2018, after splitting from their respective exes (the late Mac Miller and Cazzie David). Pete didn’t hesitate to propose in June of that summer. However, after Mac tragically passed away in Sept. 2018, their engagement was called off the following month. “I pretty much knew it was around over after that,” Pete would later go on to tell Charlamagne Tha God while discussing the rapper’s death in an interview in Feb. 2020. He added, “That was really horrible, and I can’t imagine what that sh*t is like. All I do know is that she really loved the sh*t out of him, and she wasn’t putting on a show or anything. That was f**ked up. Prayers to his family and all of his friends.”