Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Maxwell Looks So Tall In Sweet 9th Birthday Tribute Pic

A day after Jessica Simpson’s eldest daughter, Maxwell Johnson, turned 9, the singer and fashion designer celebrated her ‘nurturing,’ ‘hilarious,’ and ‘beautiful’ baby girl.

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Maxwell, my best friend and firstborn, turned 9 yesterday, May 1,” Jessica Simpson posted on Sunday (May. 2), celebrating her eldest child’s birthday. As part of Jessica’s tribute to Maxwell, the 40-year-old singer and best-selling author shared a family photo featuring her, Maxwell, husband Eric Johnson, and their 7-year-old son, Ace. “If any of you have read my memoir, OPEN BOOK, or my Amazon essay, TAKE THE LEAD, then you have a sense of my forever baby girl (even though she will be taller than me in about 6 months and shares my shoe size).”

Jessica wasn’t joking, for the photo showed that Maxwell was quickly catching up with her 5’3”-tall mother. However, what really took Jessica back was the growth her daughter was showing on the inside. “[Maxwell] is prayerful, nurturing, intuitive beyond belief, hilarious, honest, a lover of horses and every animal on the planet, empathetic, wise beyond her years, thoughtful, strong, beautiful, hardworking, creative and observant (which makes her one of the most epic impersonators to make anyone laugh), she is a prolific writer of [poetry] and songs, and she listens and trusts herself with confidence I admire.”

“The energy in a room shifts when she enters,” continued Jessica. “Yes, she is the most beautiful I ever did see, but it is the effortless way she holds her power that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Her inquisitive mind strengthens mine. Her heart holds space [for] everyone and everything. When I think about her, I can’t help but smile with all that I have, a happy smile is always inspired by her, the possessor of the most genuine, pretty, sometimes cheeky but always the purest of smiles ever to grin.”

Jessica Simpson and her daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson leave a downtown NYC hotel in February 2020 (Splashnews)

“My favorite hands to have and hold in prayer or just in life are hers, always my daughter,” concluded the “I Wanna Love You Forever” singer. “She loves you enough to be the person you have always wanted to be. I am constantly in awe of her resilience and grace. It is amazing indeed. I love her beyond measure. Happy belated (to Instagram) birthday, Maxi!”

Earlier in the year, Jessica and the rest of the family celebrated her youngest daughter, Birdie Mae, turning two years old. She and her husband Eric welcomed their little girl in 2019, and Jessica couldn’t believe the time had flown by. “We started Birdie’s birthday celebration the moment she woke up with her favorite breakfast – DONUTS,” Jessica captioned a photo of the five of them. Jessica held her youngest, a birthday crown on Bridie’s head (and a special birthday donut in her hands.) “I can’t believe my baby is 2! [crying emoji].”