Kim Kardashian Lounges Poolside In Olive Green String Bikini & Pigtails In New Pic After Kanye Split

Kim Kardashian is telling fans to focus on themselves, which is what she's doing by wearing a sexy olive bikini amid her divorce from Kanye West.

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Kim Kardashian
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Is there some sort of irony in this caption? Kim Kardashian shared a message to fans that they need to “Zone out and focus on you” by making them focus on her insanely sexy bikini body. The 40-year-old shared two photos of herself in an itty-bitty olive green bikini while lounging poolside to her Instagram and Twitter pages on Mar. 12. She was seated on a poolside lounger with her impossibly small waist on display. Her thong bottoms dipped super low in the front, as two small strings of fabric slipped over her hips. While Kim’s in the process of divorcing husband Kanye West, 43, she’s reminding fans about what a hottie the soon to be single lady is

Kim’s hair looked adorable, as she wore it in two long braids in a pigtail style on either side of her head. She appeared nearly makeup free, and her only accessory was her dark sunglasses that she wore in the two snapshots. In one photo Kim sat upright with her hands in the air, while in the second she leaned back on her right arm and put her other arm behind her head, showing off how her stomach was beyond flat.

While Kim loves to sit poolside, she admitted in a 2020 Architectural Digest Q&A with Kanye about their reported $60 million Hidden Hills estate’s design that she has never once set foot in their large, rectangular pool. “When was the last time you used our pool?” Ye asked and looked shocked when Kim responded, “I’ve never used our pool actually. Can you believe that? But I love our pool!” She then said that it was a compromise, as she wanted a hot tub and he didn’t. Kim said as a result the pool is kept “hot all the time” and the “kids, like, love it.”

Kim’s family and friends loved hr post. Sister Khloe Kardashian, 36,  wrote in the comments, “Ok Keeks!!!!!! Hottie!!!!! In the zone” with a bunch of red heart emojis. Kar-Jenner family pal Harry Hudson liked her “focus on you” message, commenting “Say it louder for the humans in the back!!” The Alice and Olivia fashion brand’s IG account wrote, “I’m going to just focus on how hot and amazing you are!!” That sentiment was echoed by fan @flamingozaddy, who told Kim, “I’m focused on you babe!”

Kim Kardashian
Forever a bikini babe. at 40, Kim looks just as amazing in a bikini today as she did nearly eight years ago. She’s seen here in a black bikini running out of the ocean on June 26, 2013. Photo credit: SplashNews

One fan predicted that things are only going to get hotter now that Kim is divorcing Kanye. User @squeeze56 commented, “Summer single Kim, we’re alllll here for it!!” Kim admitted in the past that Kanye didn’t appreciate her showing so much skin all the time in revealing outfits. In a Nov. 2019 interview with Vulture, she revealed, “My husband has voiced that sometimes too sexy is just overkill and he’s not comfortable with that. I listen to him and understand him.” She said that while he didn’t dictate her dress code, Kanye had been critical of her more risque looks, adding, “At the end of the day, he always gives me the freedom to be and do what I want.” Now she can wear whatever she wants without worrying about what he might think of it!