Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Show Off Their $60M Mansion With A Pool She’s Never Even Used — Watch

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sat down to reveal what they love about their $60 million Los Angeles mansion in a new video and Kim admitted to never trying out their epic pool.

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Kim Kardashian, 39, and Kanye West, 42, may have an incredibly impressive home with a lot of amenities but it doesn’t mean they use them all! The married couple sat down together to record a video for their new feature in Architectural Digest and they discussed all the details of their $60 million mansion, which is located in Los Angeles, CA, including the amazing pool they put in that Kim confessed to never using. The shocking revelation was made when the duo asked each other questions about the home off of cards in the clip. “When was the last time you used the pool?” Kanye asked his gorgeous wife. “I’ve never used our pool actually,” she replied while smiling. Kanye couldn’t believe Kim’s answer and uttered, “What?!” “Yeah, can you believe that?” she replied before admitting “But I still love our pool.”

The huge pool was put in as part of renovations they had done to their home, which was previously estimated to be worth $20,000. They actually had the renovators dig up two pools that already existed on the property in order to make room for the one they have now and it’s estimated at a whopping $50,000. The lovebirds also went on to discuss how they don’t have a jacuzzi but are happy with their pool because they can make it warm like a one and the stairs inside of it make it easy for their kids to safely sit. “It bothered you so much, but the kids love to swim in a jacuzzi,” Kim told Kanye after he revealed that they nixed the jacuzzi idea when designers said they’d have to put it off to a side. “So you said, ‘No the whole pool will be a Jacuzzi, just make it really warm’, like the whole pool all the time.”

In addition to opening up about the pool, Kim and Kanye talked about the inspiration for their modern home, which has mostly white decor. “North was the inspiration for the design of our house,” Kanye said, referring to their oldest of four children as the six-year-old interrupted the video. He also talked about how the landscape is kid-friendly. “The kids, in the backyard there were all these stairs and we needed the kids to be able to ride their skateboards around, so as many places as I could take the stairs out I did,” he explained while also admitting that North loves to do her “Gymnastics and cartwheels, dance competition, play the piano, do my violin.”

“In the end, we don’t take it too seriously,” Kim said about designing their mansion. “We’re not going to be fanatics.”

Check out the full video of Kim and Kanye talking about their home in the video above.