‘RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey Reveals How Kenya Moore ‘Inspired’ Her To Lose 20 Lbs. She Re-Gained During COVID

'RHOA's Cynthia Bailey says her co-star Kenya Moore's slimmer figure inspired her to shed the extra pounds she re-gained during the COVID quarantine.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey, 53, gained, lost and then re-gained 20 Lbs. during COVID, but she’s back on the loss wagon thanks to her co-star Kenya Moore, 50. “I was actually really inspired by Kenya because she’s much more into working out and fitness than I am,” Cynthia told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live on Feb. 13. “She gained quite a bit of weight during the quarantine and so did I. I think we both gained about 20 pounds.”

Kenya has been showing off a noticeably slimmer figure after opening up about her 25 lbs. weight gain. The single mom to Brooklyn Daly, 2, announced yet again that she’s splitting with her daughter’s father, Marc Daly. Although she said she was embracing her new curves when she tipped the scale at 183 lbs., she seems to have had a change of heart as she’s been documenting her diet and fitness regimen for her two million followers to see.

When COVID hit back in March forcing most of the world into an intense lockdown, Cynthia admits she may have taken her housewife title a little too seriously. “I was pandemic-ing with my family in LA and our whole focus was Costco and food and what we were eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” the Seagrams Escapes partner revealed. “I was pretty much doing everything so that was what my main focus.”

But returning home to Atlanta to start filming the show while living alone at Lake Bailey forced this recent bride back into shape real fast, even though that didn’t stick for too long! “I lost it when I first came back because I was by myself,” Cynthia said. “When I came back in May, I was by myself, so I could actually manage my meals and I lost weight.  I think those pictures may have went viral, those swimsuit pictures and then I got happy again and I gained it all back so I’m actually losing weight again now.”

With the season 13 reunion filming around the corner, Cynthia teases she and Kenya are continuing to push one another as they prepare to go face to face with their cast. “Oh yeah!” Cynthia shared of the friends inspiring one another. “I think all the girls are pretty focused on that at this point! I’ve been not consistent consistently doing too much, but where I can. I workout where I can. I watch what I eat. And I think I have shed some pounds. We have the reunion coming up. I can’t tell you what the theme is going to be, but it will be very sexy.” The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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