Kate McKinnon’s Rudy Giuliani Is Caught With His Hand Down His Pants During Cold Open On ‘SNL’

After the real Rudy Giuliani was caught in a seemingly compromising position in the 'Borat' sequel, Kate McKinnon's version popped up in the debate cold open!

With just 11 days until the presidential election, the candidates are going head-to-head! Jim Carrey, 58, returned to SNL as Joe Biden, 77, for another round against Alec Baldwin, 62, as Donald Trump, 74. Maya Rudolph, 48, surprised viewers as moderator Kristin Welker and, as always, the cold open was absolutely hysterical. “How does that mute button work?” Jim’s Joe immediately inquired as Alec’s Trump expressed his frustration.

Kate McKinnon
Kate McKinnon appears as Rudy Giuliani on ‘SNL’, spoofing the ex-mayor’s appearance in ‘Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm.’ (NBC)

“Nuh – uh – uh,” he replied, confusing Maya’s Kristin for TODAY‘s Hoda Kotb.”Thank you Hoda…you’re doing a good job,” he added, also mistaking her for a waitress. “Can you tell us about the specials tonight?” As always, Jim’s Joe could only handle so much Trump for one evening and reminded the president that America — and the world — is in the middle of a pandemic! “Come on man — we’re in the middle of a third wave. Where I came from, if a girl gave you the third wave you were practically married,” he joked.

Kate McKinnon, 36, unexpectedly popped into the segment as former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, 76. Alec’s Trump called for his “lawyer” as a bald figure with their back to the camera appeared — and was none other than Kate! Kate’s Rudy was caught in a rather compromising position with his hands down his pants — much like the real Rudy in Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm. “My microphone was stuck on my balls!” Kate’s Rudy exclaimed, attempting to justify the awkward moment.

Both Jim and Alec were hysterical on the Oct. 17 episode as they spoofed the presidential town halls earlier in the week. Jim’s Joe offered viewers his own rendition of story time, resulting in some very bored audience members with his long (and rather confusing) tales. At one one, he even transformed into late painter Bob Ross, who is an icon from the series The Joy of Painting. Jim’s Joe happily became Mister Rogers for a moment, sporting the iconic sweater from the series.

While Jim’s Joe couldn’t seem to keep viewers awake, Alec’s Donald had some challenges of his own! Kate McKinnon stepped in as Today Show host Savannah Guthrie, 48, with a series of hard questions SNL‘s president just wasn’t wanting to answer. “The question was: ‘Why won’t you release your taxes?'” she grilled at one point. “That’s simple, I don’t want to go to jail,” Alec’s Trump curtly replied.

Kate’s Savannah grew increasingly frustrated by him (we don’t blame her) and things came to a head in a rather unsurprising way! Kate, clad in a hot pink suit, and Alec, in his full presidential outfit, headed to the ring for a WWE style fight. The short fight ended with Kate using one of the WWE‘s most iconic moves as she whacked Alec’s Donald with a folding chair. Ouch!

The season was off to a bang as showrunner Lorne Michaels confirmed that Jim would be coming on board! The Mask actor debuted his Joe Biden makeover in a promo before the season and was a dead ringer for 77-year-old Biden with the costume and makeup. “There was some interest on [Jim]’s part [to play Joe]. And then we responded, obviously, positively,” the Canadian-born SNL producer told Vulture. “But it came down to discussions about what the take was. He and Colin Jost had a bunch of talks. He and I as well. He will give the part energy and strength, and…Hopefully it’s funny,” he said.

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