Kate McKinnon’s Savannah Guthrie Clobbers Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump With A Chair On ‘SNL’

Jim Carrey's Joe Biden and Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump participated in separate town halls in this cold open on 'SNL' -- and Kate's Savannah Guthrie lost her marbles!

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Donald Trump & Kate McKinnon
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Kate McKinnon, 36, can do no wrong! The SNL cast member appeared as Today Show host Savannah Guthrie, 48, as she questioned Alec Baldwin, 62, as Donald Trump, 74. “We have lots of questions but I’d like to start with tearing you a new one,” she quipped, setting the stage for the explosive conversation the pair were about to have. After evading a number of questions, Kate’s Savannah put him on the spot about his taxes. “The question was: “Why won’t you release your taxes?” she asked.

“That’s simple, I don’t want to go to jail,” Alec’s Trump replied, explaining that he’s “doing great” since recovering from the COVID-19 virus. “No, not at all. I’m doing great. My doctors said my one lung is beautiful and doing very well…I had a small fever around 100 celsius. I am doing well. I never saw the devil or a list of my sins. I was always doing well and strong,” he said. Kate’s Savannah wasn’t having it, and things took a wild turn as the duo ended up in a WWE style wrestling match! The fight didn’t last long as Kate — clad in a hot pink suit — grabbed a chair and clobbered Alec’s Trump!

Meanwhile, Jim Carrey, 58, also returned to SNL as Joe Biden, 77, for a rather sleepy town hall of his own! After answering questions with several (extremely long winded) answers — including one where he became painter Bob Ross and compared politics to tree branches. “I promise I won’t tweet once because I don’t know how,” he said at one point, also embracing the references to Mister Rogers.

The Ace Ventura star has been killing it since coming on board at the beginning of the season, making is debut in the season premiere cold open! “Absolutely not,” Jim’s Joe answered when asked if he was “ready” for the debate. “But I’ve got the beginning of 46 fantastic ideas that I may or may not have access to. Let’s do that while I hold my bladder,” he quipped, subtly referencing the season 46 premiere of Saturday Night Live. Alec’s Trump could’t be bothered as he declared the entire thing “boring,” while also claiming Jim’s Joe was “mean” to him (insert eye roll here.

Jim’s Joe made his next appearance in a VP debate spoof as the now-iconic fly on Mike Pence‘s head. Beck Bennett, 36, took on the role of the 61-year-old VP, who was facing off against Maya Rudolph‘s basically perfect impersonation of Kamala Harris, 55. After watching her being repeatedly interrupted, Jim’s Joe — watching at home with his wife Jill — had an idea: to show up at the debate! It turns out the former VP hilariously had a teleportation machine ready to go. Unintentionally, Jim’s Joe became a fly en route to the social distanced debate.

“Mr. Vice President do you not feel for them at all?” Jim-as-the fly wondered, adding, “Yes, yes, your economy is so in the toilet I want to lay my eggs on it.” Maya’s Kamala was not about to let her opponent know about the pest, who simply refused to move. “I’m sorry to interrupt vice president Pence — there’s an um…there’s a giant…no, Senator Harris, help me out,” Kate McKinnon’s Susan Page attempted to help. “Oh, I’m good,” she retorted, sitting back with a bowl of popcorn, while Joe’s wife Jill wondered why the fly looked like Jeff Goldbum. In real life, celebrities and viewers couldn’t help but react to the fly, with Gabrielle Union dubbing the insect an “American Hero.”