Billie Eilish’s Shoes Go Viral As Fans Can’t Agree What Color They Are — Watch Confusing Video

2020 wasn’t going to end without inflicting a new 'The Dress' on us. This time, it’s Billie Eilish’s shoes, and the ‘Bad Guy’ singer was FURIOUS when fans said her Nikes were white instead of mint green.

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Image Credit: AP

“Years ago, I was wearing these shoes,” said Billie Eilish posted to her Instagram Stories on Oct. 17. Billie, 18, participated in a Q&A and a “The Dress” question came up. After Billie gave her own confusing answer to the question (“I cannot stress it enough. It is blue and gold”), she relayed her own story regarding a pair of Nike Air More Uptempo kicks. “My dad’s like, ‘those shoes are so cool. Are they like, pink and white?’” Billie showed the shoes, and she shockingly exclaimed, “Pink and white? Pink and white, he said. Pink and white. Oh, my god.”

The problem is…many fans thought Billie’s shoes were pink and white. “ok, but we all agree billie’s shoes DID look white and pink ?!!” “oh no, i’m seeing billie’s shoes as mint now wtf literally yesterday they were pink.” “billie’s shoes are pink and white i won’t be taking any questions.” “billie’s shoes are pink and white. how does she post that many stories of her shoes and not see that they’re PINK??” “pls i just watched billie’s insta story and those shoes were PINK AND WHITE WTFFFFF”

However — Billie’s right on this. A Google image of the shoes that they’re green, but a faint mint. Even the search Billie shared with her followers lists the shoes as “Uptempo Barley Green,” which isn’t to say they’re emerald or pistachio or the slime green that Is Billie’s trademark color. Plus, under the warm glow of indoor lighting, the green comes off as a dirty white.

However, Billie wasn’t content to let other people talk trash about her shoes. “So I’ve come to the conclusion that you guys just don’t know your sneakers at all,” she said in an Oct. 18 IG Story. “The people that agree with me are – because they know what the f-ck the shoe looks like – are all sneakerheads.” When her mom reminded her that there “are bigger problems in the world,” Billie laughed and said, “You got me there.”

When Billie took her shoes out in the daylight, the green was more distinct. She also argued that the AIR on the shoe wasn’t pink. “SO, we all know that I’m right here, even if you see something else, you know that I’m right, underneath it all,” Billie said in a follow-up IG Story. “And real quick, before you keep arguing, or whatever the F-CK – the entire Internet’s been calling me fat for a week. So let me have this. Let me have this.”

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