Chris Brown ‘Thrilled’ To Be Reunited With Son Aeko: Why ‘It Means The World To Him’

Chris Brown reunited with his 10-month-old baby boy Aeko a week ago after being separated from him for several months due to the coronavirus pandemic and he's taking in every moment.

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Chris Brown, 31, made his fans swoon when he shared the happy news that he reunited with his 10-month-old son Aeko and Aeko’s mother, Ammika Harris, 27, after several months, by posting a sweet photo on social media on Oct. 6, which can be seen below, and now we’re learning just how much it all means to him. “Chris is obviously thrilled to be reunited with Aeko after all this time,” one source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Chris loves Aeko with all his heart and he’s been keeping updated on every aspect of his life along the way while they’ve been apart with videos, photos, and by FaceTiming with Ammika. But to be reunited in person and to be able to hold Aeko, play with him, hug him and kiss him means even more.”

“He’s been waiting for this moment for a while now and it means the world to him,” the source added. Due to the coronavirus travel ban, Chris, who lives in the U.S., and Ammika and Aeko, who live in Germany, weren’t able to be together in person for quite a while, so his recent trip to visit them is definitely making his days brighter. “Chris was so excited to finally be able to meet up with Aeko and Ammika,” a second source EXCLUSIVELY shared. “It was very hard waiting for so long. Chris was nervous about how it would go but Aeko recognized him right away and wasn’t shy at all because they have been doing video calls the whole time that they’ve been apart so he does know his daddy which is wonderful.”

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“Chris got a huge kick out of him and how much he’s grown,” the insider continued. “They called Chris‘ mom and Royalty [his daughter] right away so they could say hi to them. Aeko knows their faces because they do lots of video calls too, so they are all doing their best to stay close even though they are so far away. Chris is so proud of his son, everyone says he looks just like him and he really is his little twin. Of course, Royalty is his twin too, both his kids look so much like him, he loves to brag about how strong his genes are.”

As far as six-year-old Royalty goes, it seems she’s already enjoying her baby brother. “Royalty adores Aeko and she was able to spend plenty of bonding time with her little brother before he left for Germany,” the first source EXCLUSIVELY explained. “Royalty didn’t go with Chris on the trip because she wouldn’t be allowed to anyways due to travel restrictions, plus to have to be tested and it wouldn’t be the safest idea regardless. It doesn’t matter though because Royalty loves Aeko and they’ll be reunited when the time is right.”

Chris Brown
Chris Brown recently reunited with his 10-month-old son Aeko after being apart due to the coronavirus pandemic. (MEGA)
Chris loves being a Dad. Having Royalty opened a whole new world for Chris that he never thought existed and it equaled in that intensity when Aeko was born,” a third source EXCLUSIVELY revealed. “He has an amazing relationship with Ammika, loves Aeko to the moon and back and is overwhelmed with his feelings now that they have been reunited. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and it can’t be proven any other way than with how Chris is feeling being away from Aeko so long. It’s the greatest feeling and almost unexplainable, the joy he is feeling right now.”