Wendy Williams Defends Having Lymphedema Amid Nene Feud: How Dare You Make Fun Of Me

Wendy Williams recognized those who've poked fun at her lymphedema diagnosis on her Oct. 1 show. Ironically, Nene Leakes made fun of the host's condition just two days prior. Now, fans believe Wendy addressed her comments at Nene!

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Oh, the shade of it all. Fans are convinced that Wendy Williams indirectly addressed Nene Leakes‘ recent comments about her lymphedema condition. (Lymphedema is a build-up of lymphatic fluid in the fatty tissues just under your skin, that usually occurs in the arms and legs). On her Thursday morning talk show, Wendy seemed to go out of her way to call out critics who’ve spoken negatively about her health. While chatting with the DJ on her show, the two went back and forth about their love for sneakers.

“I have lymphedema and it doesn’t go away,” Wendy, 56, explained, after she noticed that her cameraman zoomed in on her pink and red Nike Air Max sneakers. That’s when things got chippy. — “How dare you, how dare you, how dare you make fun of me and the way I walk and the whole bit. What will you get if you live long enough? Everybody gets something,” Wendy said while laughing hysterically. She added, “If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry. Damn you feet, damn you feet, damn you feet!”

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams on the red carpet. (Photo credit: AP)

Fans were quick to assume that Wendy’s comments were a sly response to Nene, 52, who made fun of the host on September 29 — calling her legs “enormously large.”

In a 7-minute YouTube video slamming Wendy and Andy Cohen, Nene said, “Wendy, for you, spend more of your time trying to figure out how you can train your enormously large legs and feet as opposed to worrying about my family and what we’re doing.” Nene added, “You need to find the nearest water peel, ok?”

Nene Leakes
Nene Leakes on the red carpet. (Photo credit: AP)

As for what set Nene off? The reality star filmed the fiery video after Wendy went on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and spoke “negatively” about Nene’s exit from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. On September 17, Nene confirmed her departure from the show ahead of its 13th season — after she helped launch the franchise in 2009. Wendy claimed that Nene’s exit from the show won’t be permanent.

″Nene is my friend, and I know her as Linnethia, I don’t know her as this person on reality TV, just what I watch. I believe that this is not a truth,” she told Andy on the September 27 episode of WWHL. ″Nene has quit the show several times and you’ll have her back. Nene likes attention, dramatic attention.” Clearly, Nene wasn’t happy about the whole ordeal.

In her initial announcement about leaving RHOA, Nene said, “There’s been a lot of emotions on both sides. It’s been hard and I have made a hard, difficult decision to not be part of Real Housewives of Atlanta season 13.” She revealed the news in a video on her YouTube channel.

Later on, in a separate YouTube video (the aforementioned one about Wendy and Andy), Nene claimed she was “forced out” of the RHOA franchise. Andy has not yet responded to the Nene’s claim.

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