Hannah & Collin Gosselin, 16, Have A ‘Great Relationship’ With Their Dad Jon’s GF Colleen Conrad

Jon Gosselin's relationship with girlfriend of roughly six years, Colleen Conrad, keeps getting better and HollywoodLife learned EXCLUSIVELY that Jon, Colleen and his youngsters, Hannah and Collin, 'already feel like family.'

jon gosselin, colleen conrad
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After years of drama, Jon Gosselin has found peace and stability in his girlfriend of nearly six-years, Colleen Conrad. Even better, two of Jon’s eight children — 16-year-olds Collin and Hannah — are really forming a tight, supportive bond with Colleen. “Jon says that Colleen is his better half, he loves everything about her,” a source shares EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife.

She came into his life when he was very low and since he met her things have progressively gotten better and better. The relationship is healthy, there’s no drama and that’s huge for Jon,” the source continued. “He loves her even more because of the way she cares for Collin and Hannah, she loves them like her own.” Given how well their relationship has been going, Jon is “positive he’ll be with [Colleen] for life.” In fact, the couple has even discussed “marriage in the past.” The insider assured HL that “it’s something that will happen eventually,” however, Jon and Colleen “aren’t in any urgent rush because they already feel like family.”

Since Jon and Colleen are going so strong, it’s no wonder that Colleen “has a great relationship with them [Hannah and Collin]. She genuinely loves spending time with Jon‘s kids so they do lots of family outings, she makes sure they have fun.” Our source even noted that Colleen is “very nurturing and patient with them,” and most importantly “they trust her. The beautiful thing is that Collin has gotten so close to hershe‘s so good with him and Jon couldn’t be more grateful for that.”

It’s true that circumstances have been incredibly trying for Jon, Collin, and Hannah. The two youngsters have been living with their father for nearly one year, after the one-time Jon & Kate Plus 8 star accused his former wife, Kate Gosselin, of mentally abusing Collin. He also levied accusations against Kate of running a “military-esque regime” in her home, leading Hannah to leave her mom’s house and live with her dad. Now, Jon is determined to give his kids a normal childhood, and that includes extending to them the support and space that they need.

jon gosselin, colleen conrad
Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad arrive at WE tv’s Real Love: Relationship Reality TV’s Past, Present And Future Event held at The Paley Center for Media on December 11, 2018 in Beverly Hills [AP].
“Every day is good with them,” another source told HL. For Jon, being with Colleen has been “such a refreshing experience. They know each other’s ins and outs and they really know how they both tick,” the source went on. “He learns something new about her all the time and that is what makes the relationship grow.”

Colleen and Jon also have a strong foundation, since the two “grew up” together and “have a wonderful past that was built on a strong friendship and that has made their present and future so special.” Much like our initial source, our secondary insider reiterated that the “relationship might lead to marriage but if it doesn’t so be it. They really like each other and have a very special bond. She makes him better. He loves his life with her, it is very stress free.” HollywoodLife reached out to Jon Gosselin’s rep for comment

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