Jon Gosselin Claims Son Collin ‘Has No Contact’ With His Siblings: It’s ‘Alienation’ — Watch

There's no love lost between exes Jon and Kate Gosselin. But is her anger towards him trickling down to their kids? Jon claims son Collin -- who lives with him -- has no contact with his four siblings who live with Kate.

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The drama between Jon and Kate Gosselin over child custody continues. The 42-year-old father of eight says that their 15-year-old sextuplets are allowed to choose which parent they want to live with, and daughter Hannah and son Collin live with him. He’s now claiming that least one of those children is barred from seeing their four siblings LeahJoelAlexis, and Aaden, who live with their mom Kate, claiming “sibling alienation”.

The former Jon and Kate Plus Eight star appeared on the podcast First Class Fatherhood on Feb. 3 and told host Alec Lace that he’s been in a custody battle with Kate “for 12 years.” She initially had primary physical custody of the six sextuplets after their 2009 split. Jon revealed that when Hannah was 12, she wanted to move in with him instead of living with her mom. He now has primary custody of her, after going back and forth over joint custody. Jon also gained sole custody of son Collin in 2018, who Kate had moved to a live-in program for kids with behavioral needs for three and a half years before Jon brought his son home to live with him.

“What my attorney’s and hers decided is, custody is left up to my children,” Jon revealed. “So if they decide to go live with mom or they decide to go live with dad, it’s up to them.” He hinted that more of Hannah and Collin’s siblings could be leaving Kate to live with their dad, as he continued, “So I have two, there could be more that come.” Jon explained that the court appointed a Guardian Ad Litem, a third-party that the kids can go to with any issues and will report back to the judge in Jon and Kate’s custody case.

When asked what the relationship is between the two kids that live with Jon and the four children that live with Kate, Jon said “right now it is very tumultuous. There is no contact between Collin and his other siblings. There’s contact between Hannah and the other siblings. The problem right now is we have parent alienation and we have sibling alienation. So with the guardian ad litem, she’s trying to alleviate that and I’m trying to get family therapy through Collin and Hannah’s therapist. So that the therapist can talk to the other siblings and try to find some common ground. I think it’s super important.” has reached out to Kate’s reps about the situation.

Jon and Kate are also parents to 19-year-old twins Mady and Cara, who lived with their mom until they went away to college. Jon recognized that soon his six other kids will be adults. “They’re going to be 18 in a few years so it’s going to be quite difficult. But I’ve been going to court for so long, I’m nearing the end of the tunnel here.” He revealed that he’s been through nine attorneys and spent $1.3 million in legal costs in his custody fight. “It’s a long battle. I just didn’t give up and I’m still not going to give up,” he vowed.