Madelaine Petsch Invites ‘Pool Boy’ KJ Apa To Come Over After He Posts Shirtless Snap On Insta: See Pic

Madelaine Petsch was in good company as fans and co-stars took to K.J. Apa's latest shirtless pic to gush about the actor's impressively strong core! See the photo and the 'Riverdale' stars' exchange!

It’s a hot one out there, and not just because of the scorching summer temperatures! K.J. Apa took to Instagram on Saturday, July 25, and posted the hottest pic to grace his Instagram in a while. In the snap, the Riverdale star, 23, could be seen across a rippling blue pool holding onto a long net after cleaning the pool just moments ago! He proudly showed off his ripped abs in the photo, too, turning the California temperatures way up!

“Your local pool boy is ready for hire,” K.J. joked in his caption. No sooner did K.J. post the sexy snap than fans and co-stars began to swarm his comment section to leave a slew of compliments and jokes! “Come clean our pool,” one fan wrote. Another chimed in to say that they were ready to go head and “buy a pool” just so K.J. could clean it. But one of the best comments came from K.J.’s co-star and friend Madelaine Petsch!

“Come to my house next,” the actress, 25, commented on the pic, insinuating that she was ready to hire K.J. to clean out her pool! Sensing the joke, K.J. played along and commented back saying that he was right “outside” her door! Although some fans took the exchange as a bit of flirty banter, the two pals were clearly just joking around after K.J. became a bit of a sensation on social media!

‘Riverdale’ co-stars Madelaine Petsch and K.J. Apa have a funny exchange on Instagram, courtesy of the social media platform.

Since Riverdale went on hiatus due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the cast has found ways to entertain themselves. For his part, K.J.’s been documenting everything — and we mean everything — from his time spent in quarantine. He even showed fans that he got a “shard of metal” stuck in his eye and had to get celebrity groomer Jason Schniedman to remove it! Ouch!

But K.J. has also been seen showing off his rock hard abs on hikes and in videos he posts to social media. Plus, the star has taken over TikTok, posting a video of himself in early July rocking quite the Cast Away-inspired look! All told, it looks like K.J. is staying busy and staying in touch with his Riverdale cast members during this trying time.

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