‘Teen Mom 2’s Cole DeBoer Shows Off His Ripped Muscles While Pushing His Kids In A Wagon — Watch

Cole DeBoer is the cutest daddy to his kids with Chelsea Houska. He flaunted his ripped body from his fitness challenge, while chasing butterflies and pushing his children in a wagon around a field.

Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska sure picked a good one when she married Cole DeBoer in 2016. Not only is he the most adoring husband to the MTV star, he is so loving and hands-on with their two little ones. Cole shared two Instagram videos on July 19 of how he spent a sunny summer Sunday with the children at home in South Dakota. In the first video, he showed off his precious 23-month-old daughter Layne chasing white butterflies through tall green grass, as Cole could be heard encouraging his little cutie from behind the camera.

In the next video, Cole showed off his chiseled physique by going shirtless while he pushed Layne and her three-year-old brother Watson around in a wagon. It had a tall handle-bar in the back so that Cole could put all of his strength behind giving the kids a fast adventure through their grassy yard. He made cute monster noises while running as fast as he could, with the children squealing with joy on their wagon ride.

It was a gorgeous day for Cole and his kids to play outside, with light clouds in the blue sky and green fields as far as the eye could see. Cole looked super hunky, wearing a pair of trunks with the American flag down one leg. The MTV star has been on a strict diet and exercise challenge since June. 13, and the results are totally paying off.

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska
Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska seen on a ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion special. Photo credit: MTV.

Cole was already fit to begin with, but he decided to test his mind and his physicality by taking on the 75 Hard Challenge. He’s going 75 days straight where he follows a diet with no cheat meals or alcohol for the entire period. He’s working out for 45 minutes twice a day, with one of sessions taking place outdoors. With as active as he was with the kids, their playtime might have counted as a cardio workout!

In addition to his diet and exercise plan, Cole is keeping his body hydrated by drinking at least one gallon of water per day.  The challenge also requires the mind to be worked out as well, as he’s reading 10 pages of a non-fiction entrepreneur book for self-betterment each day. Finally, he has to show his physical progress by taking a shirtless photo every day. Fortunately for fans, he’s been fairly diligent with sharing the results of that requirement. Cole is now on day 35 of the challenge as of July 20, so he has 40 more days to go. He’s already so ripped and muscular, it’s going to be insane to see what he looks like at the end of 75 days!

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