Chelsea Houska’s Hot Husband Cole DeBoer Goes Shirtless To Show Off Ripped Muscles In New Pic

Hard work pays off! 'Teen Mom 2' star Chelsea Houska's husband Cole DeBoer has knocked out 23 of his 75 day fitness challenge, and is showing off how ripped he's become.

Cole DeBoer is going to have an entire new body by the time summer is over….not like there was anything wrong with the one the MTV hunk had. Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska‘s loving husband started a 75 day fitness challenge in June, where he’s working out twice a day, eating healthy and showing off his progress through daily shirtless photos. He was 23 days in as of July 8, and already Cole is looking so ripped as he flexed hard during his latest update snapshot.

Cole has six-pack abs coming in nicely, and his pecs look rock hard in the new photo. He’s doing a classic bodybuilder front flex pose, and his arms and shoulders are looking so buff. He’s been working out twice a day for 45 minutes each session — with at least one taking place outdoors — as part of the “75 Hard Challenge,” which he undertook on June 14.

Cole is following the self-help book and plan by Andy Frisella. In addition to the two a day exercise plan for 75 straight days, he’s also eating a strict diet with no alcohol or cheat days, drinking a gallon of water a day, and reading at least 10 pages of a of a non-fiction entrepreneur book for self-betterment. And if he falters on even one aspect during the 75 days, Cole has to go back and start from scratch at day one again.

The loving father wrote in the caption of his latest challenge update photo, “Feeling Dangerous…Because I am proud, I am busting my ass, I am changing my life not only physically but mentally as well. I am currently finishing day 23 of the #75hardchallenge #75hard and it 100% lives up to its name. But if we truly want to transform ourselves for the better and we keep that mindset, nothing can stand in the way.” This man is MOTIVATED! And he’s also helping fans who have decided to follow along on the same journey with him towards better health.

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Fan @moonflower9884 told him in the comments, “Thanks to you I have lost 13 pounds in 23 days,” as she joined in the challenge with Cole on his first day. User @dancinketomama wrote, “Yeeesss we just competed day 7!” while @thebrandiannfowler cheered, “Wow that’s awesome. Way to be an inspiration for all,” along with applause emojis about Cole’s progress. As of July 10 he’ll be one third of the way through on day 25. If he’s already looking this ripped, just think how he’ll look in another 50 days!

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