‘Teen Mom 2’s Cole DeBoer Shows Off His Shirtless Chiseled Body In New Workout Pic

As if Chelsea Houska's husband Cole DeBoer wasn't already sexy enough shirtless, he's undertaking a 75 day workout and fitness challenge that is going to make him so ripped. We've got his progress shot.

Teen Mom 2 star Cole DeBoer is already dreamy enough, but he’s about to get in the best physical and mental shape of his life. While still being an amazing husband and father to wife Chelsea Houska, 28, and their children — as well as helping build their dream house — he’s signed up for one of the most grueling diet and exercise challenges there is. The hunk already has an impressive body, but he’s going to be working out twice a day while watching what he eats for the rest of the summer. The best news? He’ll be providing daily physical updates through shirtless photos!

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As of June 18, Cole’s four days into the “75 Hard” challenge, based on the self-help book and plan by Andy Frisella. As Cole explained in his Instagram stories on June 15, for 75 days straight he’s going to follow a diet with no cheat meals for the entire period. He will also work out for 45 minutes twice a day, with one of sessions taking place outdoors.

The MTV star will drink at least one gallon of water per day to keep his body healthy and hydrated. And for his mind, the plan has him reading reading 10 pages of a non-fiction entrepreneur book for self-betterment. The last requirement will be a fan favorite, as he has to take a photo every day of his progress to show how the plan is coming along. There’s also a caveat…if he has any stumbles along the way — even on day 74 — he has to start the process all over again at day one.


In his June 17 Instagram stories, a sweaty, shirtless Cole had just finished his second workout of the day and said in a video that, “Fans say it’s not strictly about  the working out portion,” and that “they’re exactly right.” He goes on to explain that 75 Hard, “Is designed a a mental game and a mental challenge and that’s one of the reasons why I’m doing this challenge is because I want to be better in that aspect. I want to be in control of all of my decisions and choices and not even have to worry about being unhealthy. Because I won that challenge with my mind and I’m just living a healthy lifestyle.”

Cole’s definitely committed to the plan. On June 18, he took a run in the pouring rain, followed by 200 pushups and air squats while drenched. “Overcome being uncomfortable,” he wrote on the IG stories video of his outdoor workout. If Cole sticks with this, by late August Chelsea is going to have a seriously buff husband…who will also have gained some amazing entrepreneurial ideas after reading through 750 pages about building successful businesses.

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