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15 bullying Articles
Kylie Jenner Bullied

Kylie Jenner’s Heartbreaking Confession: ‘I’ve Been Bullied My Whole Life’

1 year ago 3
This is so sad. Kylie Jenner opened up about her struggles with being bullied during her appearance on 'The Ellen Show' on Nov. 30, admitting that… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of Ellen

Tragedy Of Girl, Aged Just EIGHT, Who Killed Herself To Escape Bullies

6 years ago 5
Tori Blair Wilson was found hanged in woods just yards from her Palestine, Texas home on April 17. The eight-year-old may have even been hounded by… Read Article ▶

Two 14-Year-Old Girls Kill Themselves In Suicide Pact After Being Bullied — Heartbreaking.

6 years ago 54
The teens killed themselves at a slumber party after complaining they were being bullied at school. As parents, doesn't this horrify you? Best… Read Article ▶

Demi Lovato Reveals: I Was Bullied For Being Fat. So Sad.

6 years ago 4
The superstar hopes to inspire girls to love their bodies -- just as they are! Even though she was a teen sensation who seemed to have it all, Demi… Read Article ▶

Scary New School Bullying Video—The Victim Got Suspended, Too! Why??

6 years ago 7
In this controversial new video, a boy is taunted and punched repeatedly—then he just can't take it anymore! This new video of a school boy being… Read Article ▶

Mom Arrested For Driving Daughter To Beat Up Facebook Enemy!

6 years ago 6
The woman watched as her young daughter attacked the girl in a parking lot. And the fight was caught on tape. When will the bullying end? This is… Read Article ▶

Boy Gets Suspended For Sticking A 'Kick Me' Sign On A Classmate's Back — But Is That Bullying Or Teasing?

6 years ago 4
A 9-year-old student got kicked out of school for playing a classic prank on another classmate. Do you think he deserved that punishment? VOTE! With… Read Article ▶

Kate Gosselin's Daughter Gets Suspended From School For Fighting! Is Kate Causing This Bad Behavior?

6 years ago 148
One of Kate Gosselin's 6-year-old daughters was reportedly suspended from her elementary school for fighting. Experts tell that Kate's… Read Article ▶

Ashley Greene Tweets 'Karma Is A Bitch!' Is She Kicking Demi While She’s Down?

6 years ago 83
Joe Jonas' girlfriend takes to twitter with a statement that talks bullying and freedom of speech. Is she slamming Demi, speaking out about mean… Read Article ▶

Exclusive! Jill Zarin Advises — If You Think Your Child Is Being Bullied, You MUST Interfere!

7 years ago 3
Bullying can be lethal -- we've seen that. So if you think your child has been the victim of a serious bullying incident or that the bullying is… Read Article ▶

Why I Don't Agree With Bruce Willis' Advice On How To Deal With A Bully

7 years ago 0
Bruce Willis says he taught his three daughters how to stand up to bullies at a very young age, but I just don't think his plan would actually… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE! Justin Bieber's Anti-Bullying Campaign Wasn't Inspired By Alleged Homophobic Attack!

7 years ago 8
The always-charitable Biebs was in talks to join the anti-bullying campaign LONG before he was attacked while playing laser tag! A source close to… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE! '90210' Star Matt Lanter On The Show's Homophobic Bullying Plot: It's 'Scarily Relevant!'

7 years ago 0
Plus, Matt spills on how HE would feel playing West Bev's newest gay character. When the creative minds behind The CW's 90210 concocted Teddy's… Read Article ▶

Don't Let Your Child Get Picked On And Teased. Here's How To Protect Your Kid From Online Bullying

7 years ago 0
The news that made every mother shudder and cry this week is the tragic story of 18-year-old Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers student who took his own… Read Article ▶

Does Your Kid Have The Back-To-School Blues And A List Of Complaints a Mile Long?

7 years ago 1
It's the special time of year that parents look forward to all summer and kids dread -- back to school. If your child doesn't think that this school… Read Article ▶