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Chris Brown Trial Judge

Chris Brown: Why The Judge Is Keeping Him In Jail, Refusing Bail

13 hours ago 16
You may be wondering why Chris has to remain in jail until his Washington, D.C. assault trial begins in June. Well, has spoken with… Read Article ▶
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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Relationship

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher’s Cute Pre-Baby Soda Shop Date Revealed

3 days ago 4
What could be more romantic than going to an old-fashioned soda fountain on a date? Ashton and Mila treated themselves to some delicious homemade ice… Read Article ▶
Mimi Faust Shower

Mimi Faust Makes Fun Of Her Steamy Shower Scene In Hilarious New Tweet

1 week ago 7
Mimi could cringe or be embarrassed by all of the attention that she's been getting over her racy new sex tape -- but the 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta'… Read Article ▶
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Tom Cruise Dating

Tom Cruise Secretly Dating Fellow Scientologist Laura Prepon: The Truth

1 week ago 7
Has Tom finally found true love after splitting from Katie Holmes in 2012? A revealing new report claims that the actor has been romancing fellow… Read Article ▶
Rita Ora Robert Pattinson Concert

Robert Pattinson & Rita Ora Dating Now — The Truth

1 week ago 272
Now that Rob has finally moved on from Kristen Stewart, could he have his eyes on a new love interest? The handsome actor was spotted with British… Read Article ▶
Johnny Weir Divorce

Johnny Weir Demands No Oral Sex, Sexting Or Flirting In Post-Nup

1 week ago 4
Johnny and his husband, Victor Voronov, have reconciled for the time being, calling off what could have been a very nasty divorce. However, the… Read Article ▶
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Kristen Stewart Missed Coachella

Kristen Stewart Sad Robert Pattinson Went To Coachella Without Her

1 week ago 208
Kristen's Coachella plans fell through when the actress decided to make work her top priority. But the 'Camp X-Ray' star is 'super bummed' that she… Read Article ▶
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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Shocker: They Had Open Relationship

2 weeks ago 493
A shocking new report claims that Kristen and Rob had an open relationship with 'a policy of 100 percent honesty.' Does this mean that the actress… Read Article ▶
Kristen Stewart Birthday Gift

Kristen Stewart ‘Blown Away’ By Fans’ Charitable Birthday Gift

2 weeks ago 97
Although Kristen didn't spend her birthday with Robert Pattinson, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that she did get a big surprise from… Read Article ▶
Kristen Stewart Coachella Birthday

Kristen Stewart’s Coachella Birthday: She Wants Robert Pattinson To Come

2 weeks ago 164
Kristen and Rob have attended the popular California music festival Coachella together for the past two years in a row. This year, Kristen is hoping… Read Article ▶
James Franco Teenage Flirtation

James Franco: Will His Flirtation With Girl, 17, Hurt His Career?

3 weeks ago 8
If James Franco intended to get lots of publicity for his upcoming movie 'Palo Alto', he certainly did so with his viral teenage flirtation on… Read Article ▶
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Joe Jonas Justin Bieber Legal Trouble

Joe Jonas Disses Justin Bieber’s Legal Trouble: ‘We All Saw It Coming’

3 weeks ago 27
Does Joe have it in for Justin? It sure seems that way after he dissed the 'Believe' singer in a recent interview, boldly saying that he wasn't at… Read Article ▶
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