Blow Dry and Style Your Hair With the Best Vented Hair Brush

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Do you struggle with drying your hair out and styling it with a blow dryer? You might want to consider buying a vented hairbrush if you do. One of the main reasons you might be struggling is because regular hair brushes block the heat from the dryer, wasting precious time. Using the highest-rated vented hair brushes of 2022, you can easily dry your hair in minutes.

We understand that everyone has different hair types with additional needs. To help you find the right brush, we have included products with various designs and features. Check out our buying guide for help on how to pick the perfect vented brush for you.

Our Favorite Vented Hair Brushes Worth Considering in 2022

Wet Brush Vented Hair Brush  —  Best Overall

The Wet Brush speed dry hairbrush is the top vented hair brush on our list. This brush comes in multiple colors and has the perfect design. The head of the brush follows the contours of your scalp and does not pull on your hair. It has large-sized vents that help reduce the drying time by half as air flows through the brush and onto your hair. The ergonomic handle on this brush makes sure you don't tire your hand out while drying your hair. It is the best overall product on our list because of its heat resistance and stylish design. 


  • Most color and design options
  • Brush design fits through the contours of the scalp
  • Loosens knots without pulling on your hair
  • Works with curly, straight, and dry hair


  • Bristles warp with heat if you hold the dryer too close

Bsisme Vented Hair Brush  —  Most Surface Covered

The Bsisme curved vented hair brush is the top largest brush on our list. It is made of a durable and lightweight resin that makes the brush easy on your hands. The ergonomic handle makes sure you have a good grip and do not tire your arm out while blow-drying. The curved and flat shape of the brush helps it fit the contours of your scalp while easily moving through your hair. You do not have to worry about pulling or breakage during drying as this brush is very gentle. It is perfect for those of you who want to dry larger sections of hair at a time because of the big brush head. 


  • Large brush head covers larger sections of hair
  • Made from lightweight yet durable resin
  • Handle has a textured surface for better grip 
  • Non-slip rubber cover prevents you from dropping the brush
  • Perfect for coarse, curly, and coiled hair types


  • Bristles are a little hard for sensitive scalp

Cricket Vented Hair Brush  —  Best Static Control

The Cricket static-free vented hair brush is a godsend for anyone who struggles with hair that tangles easily. Instead of pulling on your hair, this brush works through the tangles and smoothes your hair. It is easy to use on wet hair, and the vented design allows you to dry your hair faster. The non-slip handle ensures you do not drop your brush or tug on your hair too hard. Overall, it is an excellent product for anyone who wants to keep their hair tangle-free and ready to dry. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easily this brush eliminates flyaways!


  • Reduces static and fly-away hair
  • Perfect for detangling and removing kinks
  • Nylon bristles reduce snagging on wet hair 
  • Great for thick and curly hair


  • Can heat up with extensively blow drying 

Conair Vented Hair Brush  —  Best Value Set

People who are always on the go know the struggle of having a vented hair brush that doesn’t fit in their bag. With the Conair professional hairbrush set, you get to keep one vented hairbrush at home and take the other with you where you go. Its wide vents allow your hair to dry quicker using a blow-dryer. This brush can easily comb through difficult hair as the bristles are widely set apart. The ball-tipped bristles ensure the brush is not too harsh against your scalp. Therefore, if you are someone with a sensitive scalp, this brush is a godsend.


  • Compact travel brush also included
  • Different brushes help with styling multiple looks
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Spaced out bristles allow gentler detangling


  • Does not let you choose your color

FIXBODY Vented Hair Brush  —  Best for Styling

Styling brushes should always be easy to manage and use. The Fixbody curved vent hair brush is one of the most efficient styling brushes available. Its beaded bristles help massage the skin and promote better hair growth. You can easily detangle hard knots and make your hair smooth with it. The ergonomic handle ensures your hands do not tire out during the drying process. Since it comes in so many colors, you can pick one that suits your aesthetic. Altogether, it's a great product for quick styling.


  • Great shape to make styling easier
  • Helps massage scalp to relieve pressure
  • Many bright color options to choose from
  • Easy to clean bristles


  • Not wide enough for very curly hair

Buying Guide: Vented Hair Brushes

Among the many types of hairbrushes available in the market today, vented hair brushes are used frequently due to their benefits and ease of use. In this guide, you will be enlightened about its definition, its use, and factors to consider before buying. So, without further ado, let's dive in!

What is a Vented Hair Brush?

A vented hairbrush has vents or openings between the bristles to enable optimum airflow during heat styling or simply brushing.

The size and number of vents differ based on the brand. Different shapes, handles, construction, and bristle materials are seen in the variety of these brushes. Most vented hair brushes, however, are flat or round, with most people opting for the round shape.

What Are Vented Hair Brushes Used For?

A vented hairbrush is valuable for hairstyling, mainly if you use a blow dryer while brushing. The vents allow more heat from the blow dryer to reach the hair directly.

This feature will make it easier to hold your hair in a specific position and decrease the drying time. Vented hair brushes work great whether you are going for an under curl or a feathered back hairstyle.

What to Look For in a Good Vented Hair Brush

Now that you're aware of the importance of a vented hairbrush, you might be tempted to buy one. Make sure to remember the following factors before investing in this product:


Vented hair brushes are composed of plastic, wood, ceramic, or metal. If you have curly hair or simply want volume, consider getting a ceramic, metal, or plastic one. These three materials are heat resistant up to 450°F. Wooden brushes have the lowest heat resistance property.


Synthetic bristles have rubberized balls at the end to minimize frizz. This is an excellent option for dense hair, as the stiff bristles will quickly sort out tangles.

If you're looking for natural bristles, boar is an excellent option as it's efficient at spreading oil and gentler than synthetic bristles. Boar bristles are ideal for damaged or thin hair.


If your hair length is shoulder length, a small paddle-shaped brush is suitable for blow-drying. A broad brush is better for long and straight hair as it quickly straightens and dries it. A round-shaped brush will work great if you have curly hair or want to add volume.


The type of handle is of considerable importance too. If you have coarse or long hair, consider a brush with a gel grip, as it can be held comfortably. This is because a gel grip is constructed according to your hand's shape, and its textured grip will prevent slipping. Plus, it won't harshly tug at your hair.

Ceramic ion technology

This technology reduces heat damage as the brush heats up and regulates a continuous temperature. This lets the user blow-dry faster. The ceramic ion coating emits negative ions to neutralize the positive ions in the hair. This feature will limit frizz and make your hair shiny.