Exfoliate Dead Skin and Impurities With the Best Shower Brush

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While most individuals understand the necessity of exfoliating their faces, the rest of their skin does not receive the same level of care. Even if you do not remember exfoliating your legs, arms, or back, your skin still strives for the same skin cell turnover as your face. A shower brush is designed to help exfoliate dead skin cells and remove pollutants, specifically from your back and shoulders. It can readily access the hard-to-reach areas of your body, leaving your skin clean and flawless. Also, these bath brushes reduce the likelihood of skin inflammation and pore-clogging.

Buying a bath brush sure seems deceptively easy but demands careful consideration. With an overwhelming number of shower brushes available, choosing the right one for you might be tricky. We have listed down the top shower brushes of 2022; find out the best one below!

Our Picks for the Top Shower Brushes of 2022

GREENRAIN Upgraded Bath Body Shower Brush  —  Best Overall

The GREEENRAIN Upgraded Bath Body Shower Brush is unlike any other; it is neither too firm nor too soft — just perfect. The nylon hair bristles boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and scrape away debris and dead skin cells.

Featuring a long white handle that allows you to effortlessly reach your back, reducing pore obstruction and discomfort. This brush is quite durable, so you will not need to replace it anytime soon! The slight negative space in the handle is intended for hanging it from a hook. We chose this option as the best overall because of its aesthetic design, availability in various colors, and long, durable handle.


  • Nylon bristles help in exfoliation
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Both wet and dry usage is possible


  • The handle is difficult to grasp at times

Metene Shower Brush  —  Most Cold-Effective Brush

Metene's shower brush is designed for both dry and wet brushing so that you can relax and enjoy your shower time. This bath brush stands out because of its dual-sided head. The soft nylon bristles are used to gently clean, while the stiff bristles assist in eliminating clogged pores and nourishing your skin.

This 17-inch long-handled brush promotes smooth and radiant skin by decreasing cellulite and boosting blood circulation. Also, the anti-slip grip and hanging feature make this shower brush a favorite choice for your daily shower routine. It is a very cost-effective investment that will not put a big dent in your pocket.


  • Four anti-slip rubber grips
  • Dual-sided with soft and firm bristles
  • The knotted rope allows hanging for storage


  • Mold may grow if not properly dried

MainBasics Shower Brush  —  Best Water-Resistant Handle

MainBasics Shower Brush is unique since the wood handle has been treated to resist water damage. That implies you can scrub away for six months or more, depending on how frequently you use it. This dual-ended shower brush head contains soft nylon and stiff natural bristles on both ends.

While the soft bristles allow for delicate cleaning, the rough side of the brush exfoliates and removes dead skin and grime. Convenient to hold with its 17-inch long handle, these double-ended shower brushes are great for cleaning body surfaces like the feet and back. Ideal for everyday use, it helps to reduce rough spots on the skin, detoxifies, and enhances circulation.


  • Water-resistant, durable wood handle
  • Dual-ended brush head for cleaning and exfoliating
  • Easy cleanup and storage


  • Bristles shed off easily 
  • Stinks if not cleaned properly

HONOMA Shower Brush  —  Best Multi-purposed Option

Are you bored of swapping between loofahs and bath brushes? Then, this is everything you will need for a fantastic shower time. With soft bristles on one side and a loofah on the other, you get the best of both worlds with this brush. The loofah suds up well to remove dirt, and bristles on the opposite side eliminate skin and improve blood circulation. 

The curved handle makes the shower brush easy to grip and aids in reaching all the hard-to-reach parts of the body. Even though it’s most suitable for exfoliation, it can also help rejuvenate sensitive skin! Maintaining this shower brush is pretty simple; just hang it from the loofah or the end and allow it to dry. This brush is available in blue, pink, and gray and comes in two sizes. For a secure purchase, the company additionally offers a 120-day warranty.


  • A 2-in-1 brush with both loofah and bristles
  • Available in two different sizes and multiple colors
  • Durable and straightforward to use


  • The length is a little too short

Vive Shower Brush  —  Best for Full-Body Coverage

If you want a great set of exfoliating shower brushes, Vive Shower is the one to purchase. Its natural boar bristles are exceptionally soft and safe to use on all skin types, making it ideal for everyday usage. The shower brush is suitable for all skin types, nourishing and eliminating dead skin cells.

It features a long, durable handle with small, soft bristles that will help smoothen and brighten your skin. These multipurpose brushes for wet and dry brushing are perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places. In addition, this product comes with a 60-day ironclad warranty so that you can buy with confidence right now.


  • The handle is quite durable and easy to grip
  • Dual-bristle brush for both dry & wet bath


  • For some people, the handle is too short

A Complete Buying Guide to the Finest Shower Brushes

Need help picking up the best shower brush among the plethora of options available on the market? Here’s everything you need to know before you hit the stores.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Shower Brush


Usually, wooden handles are favored over plastic ones since they do not readily slip from your hands. But, because of water absorption, hardwood handles deteriorate faster and require more attention.


Shower brushes come in different types of bristles. The best one depends on your preference and needs. Firm bristles tend to remove all the dead skin and debris by thorough cleaning, while soft bristles are easy on the skin and clean without scrubbing too hard.

Handle size and length

Bath brushes are available in many sizes, styles, and lengths. Long shower handles make it easier to access difficult-to-reach body areas. It is also worth noting that larger shower heads cover more surface area and scrub more efficiently. In comparison, smaller heads enable you to apply more pressure to remove impurities from the skin. 

Brush head

You can consider buying a set that is more than just a bath brush. For example, choose a shower brush set with a smaller head for a thorough cleaning experience. Some shower brushes come with removable heads in different shapes and textures so that you can customize them to your liking.

Why Should You Use a Shower Brush?

A bath brush can give you a luxurious spa treatment at home. Its calming and revitalizing properties will help you feel energized after every shower. Dry or wet brushing also helps smoothen up your skin, appearing younger and more youthful. It reveals younger-looking skin by removing dead skin cells and rough spots.

A high-quality shower brush with soft bristles will improve circulation and allow your lymphatic system to function properly. The human lymphatic system eliminates toxins and impurities from your body. If it is not working properly, your skin will likely appear tired, unhealthy, and inflamed.

How To Use a Shower Brush

Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your shower brush:

  • Wet the bristles before using, and pour some body wash or apply soap
  • Scrub the back and shoulders gently in a rotational movement, being careful not to do it with too much force
  • After using the brush, wash it thoroughly and hang it to dry in an open, dry space
  • For optimal results, use the brush regularly
  • If you reside in a hard water location, avoid using a body brush in the shower
  • Hot water can cause the skin to dry out; use cool water or brush immediately before entering the water