Get a Whiter, Brighter Smile With the Best Charcoal Toothbrushes

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Charcoal toothbrushes are a great alternative to regular toothbrushes when you are looking for a whiter, brighter smile. These toothbrushes function similarly to normal toothbrushes and will help clean your teeth by removing bacteria, plaque, and tarter except that their bristles are infused with activated charcoal which is known to enhance and maintain whiter teeth.

Below are some great charcoal toothbrushes in 2022 with bristles that all contain a form of activated charcoal. These toothbrushes are all well made and will leave you with fresher, cleaner, and more polished teeth while being gentle on the gums. We have also included a tech-savvy electronic option that does all the work for you when it comes to brushing.

The bristles on these brushes are soft, the handles are thin and ergonomic and they come in great color options that will perk up any vanity or countertop.

Detailing Our Favorite Charcoal Toothbrush of 2022

Oral-B Charcoal Toothbrush  —  Best Overall

Featuring charcoal-infused bristles, this toothbrush will not only be your daily tooth cleaner but will also help whiten them by removing surface stains. In addition, specialized power tip bristles are extra long to help clean plaque in hard-to-reach places while gum massagers work to gently massage your gums and clean along the gumline.


  • This toothbrush comes with a gentle tongue and cheek cleaner


  • This toothbrush has a very thin handle

Nuva Dent Toothbrush  —  Runner Up

This pack of toothbrushes comes with six individual brushes which are more than enough to get you through the next year at least. This set of ultra-soft toothbrushes is ideal for whitening and brightening your smile and is made with activated charcoal teeth cleaning powder for whiter teeth. The bristles are also comfortable and their softness won’t irritate gums.


  • Unique color options make these toothbrushes fun to use


  • The heads of these brushes are slightly smaller than a regular-sized brush head

Colgate Slimsoft Toothbrush  —  Honorable Mention

If you need help with your flossing technique, these toothbrushes are specially designed with 17x slimmer tip bristles for a deep and gentle clean. While these are not meant to replace floss, they can give you that deeper feeling clean and are also infused with charcoal for a whiter, brighter smile.


  • This toothbrush has a soft brush head


  • These handles have a slimmer handle

Dental Expert Toothbrush  —  Contender

Activated charcoal properties built into the bristles of these toothbrushes easily absorb plaque and bacteria to help remove stains, whiten teeth and reduce bad breath. These ultra-fine charcoal bristles are also highly effective with sensitive teeth and inflamed gums and provide a comprehensive daily cleaning action for your teeth, cheeks, tongue, and all other areas of your mouth. This toothbrush also comes with a power tip, soft bristles, and a slim, comfortable handle.


  • Each toothbrush has a distinct color so you can designate one for each family member


  • If you prefer firm bristles, another option might be better

Hello Oral Care Toothbrush  —  Also Consider

This set of toothbrushes comes with six BPA-free brushes with charcoal bristles. These super-cool black toothbrushes are infused with charcoal from bamboo that when combined with activated charcoal toothpaste, give you the optimal whitening experience. The slim-lined handle makes for a comfortable brushing experience and the overall toothbrush is designed for maximum brushing happiness.


  • This toothbrush is BPA-free and made from sustainable bamboo


  • The toothbrush is not fully biodegradable

Burst Sonic Toothbrush  —  Another Option

If you prefer an electronic toothbrush option, this one is unique as it comes with super soft, charcoal-infused nylon bristles that are specially designed to remove surface stains. This chic-looking toothbrush uses sonic vibrations to blast more plaque, has a two-minute, quad interval timer, and three brushing modes, whitening, sensitive, and massage. This toothbrush is also technologically savvy as it automatically shuts off after two minutes and can be charged via an included USB.


  • On a single charge, this toothbrush can give you up to four weeks of cleaning time with brushing twice per day


  • New brush heads are sold separately

Finding Your Next Charcoal Toothbrush: A Buyer’s Guide

Charcoal toothbrushes are a good alternative to plastic toothbrushes and offer whitening effects. Here’s a complete buying guide that will help you choose the right charcoal toothbrush for yourself.

Why Choose a Charcoal Toothbrush Over Regular Ones

Here are some reasons why a charcoal toothbrush is a better choice over regular ones:

Whitening effect

Charcoal toothbrushes are well known for their whitening effect. They are designed in a fashion that helps reduce stains and calculus on the teeth. Hence, your teeth appear more whitened, and as a result, you smile a bit brighter. These brushes have tighter bristles that clean your teeth on a microscopic level. The bristles themselves aren’t tough, rather quite soft and thin as compared to regular toothbrushes. That's why they perform a thorough cleaning job as opposed to their counterparts.

Thorough cleaning

Charcoal brushes contain tight bristles that effectively clean your teeth. These brushes aren’t as tough as your regular brushes, but this feature helps improve their functionality. Since it is a soft brush, it doesn’t cause trauma to your gums hence preserving your oral health. A healthy mouth avoids bacterial invasion of gums and tissues thus avoiding infections later on.

You can easily remove small plaque and some tartar with these brushes. It might take some effort to do the job perfectly, but once you learn the way, it becomes a routine.

Stain removal

These toothbrushes have charcoal-infused bristles. Due to this property, they efficiently remove any small extrinsic stains on teeth. Though they might not get rid of stubborn stains, they can easily help reduce staining like caffeine stains and smoke stains. And when paired with regular dental checkups, a charcoal brush can really help your smile appear shinier and brighter.

Antibacterial properties

Because these brushes contain activated charcoal, they act as natural bacteriocides. Unlike regular toothbrushes, they don’t sweep the bacteria around in the oral cavity. Rather, they absorb it due to the natural properties of activated charcoal.

And this property isn’t only limited to bacteria. These brushes can absorb many other foreign bodies like plaque, fungi, and other problem-causing sources.

Some Drawbacks of Charcoal Brushes You Should Know About

Despite being quite popular, charcoal toothbrushes are not exactly perfect. Here are some limitations of using one:

Not exactly dentist approved

While useful in many aspects, charcoal toothbrushes are still not quite popular in the dentist community. It is not exactly a professional choice when it comes to prescribing toothbrushes. The reason is that though they do work in the majority of cases, there isn’t much research that supports the superiority of these brushes over regular ones.

Shorter life

Though sustainable, charcoal brushes have a shorter lifespan. Because these brushes are made with wood as compared to their plastic counterparts, they can easily decompose thus proving to be an ecological option. That said, the bristles on the brush are very fine so, you have to replace them frequently.

Not effective on fillings

Charcoal brushes have received much appreciation for their brightening effects. But, they render useless when it comes to filled teeth. These brushes do not work on fillings or prosthetic crowns hence not effective for such patients. If you also have dental fillings or crowns, you might want to avoid these toothbrushes.

How Does a Charcoal Brush Work

Charcoal brushes work on the simple principle of absorption. These brushes contain activated charcoal-infused bristles. This charcoal is a natural exfoliator and helps clean the tooth surface on a microscopic level.

Other than that, activated charcoal is also quite beneficial when it comes to absorbing foreign particles. When you use a charcoal toothbrush, it cleanses your teeth while also absorbing infection-causing particles like bacteria and fungi.

These brushes are made with small soft bristles. This property helps them remove plaque without damaging the overlying mucosa. As a result, it prevents tissue injury and promotes good oral health.

Toothbrush Care Tips

Charcoal or not, your toothbrush requires proper care and maintenance to keep it in an optimum state. Here are some tips to help you point in the right direction:

Change your brush frequently

It is a general understanding that you should change your brush regularly. Brushes tend to get rough with time and their bristles get hard and open up. And, such a brush is useless to give optimum results. It not only lacks in providing good cleaning, but it also damages your gums and traumatizes your soft tissues. That is why, when your brush bristles start to open up, you should throw it out and get a new one.

Use a cap, always

Caps are a must for toothbrush care. If you don’t have one, you can get any standard cap but make sure that you cover your brush after using it. That gives your brush a shelter from the external environment hence preventing any chances of contamination. Though it is not 100% sterile, it is still better than leaving your brush out in the open.


Charcoal brushes have become a common trend in 2022. From celebrity features to home kits, these brushes are everywhere. They are an ecologically responsible option and above we discussed some of the best ones available on the market in 2022. We also discussed general tips for toothbrush care along with its benefits and drawbacks.