Smooth, Buff & Set Your Face With the Best Tapered Powder Brushes

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An amazing makeup application is only as good as the brushes you are using. Quality makeup brushes are one of the most important parts of applying your makeup as they are specially made to pick up and distribute your liquid makeup, powders, and creams more precisely.

In addition to the quality of makeup brushes, using the correct brush for the specifically designated area of your face is just as important.

To help get you started, we have sourced a few of the leading tapered powder brushes of 2022 that will blend and set your makeup to perfection. These brushes are versatile, made of soft and synthetic bristles, and have just the right density to pick up your favorite product and distribute it evenly. We have also included a couple of brush sets, one that is environmentally friendly and a specially designed tapered brush that comes with a technologically-enhanced hair structure design.

What Is the Premier Tapered Powder Brush in 2022?

Beauty Junkees Tapered Kabuki Brush  —  Best Overall

The Tapered Kabuki Brush by Beauty Junkees is a great multipurpose brush that was made to apply under eye concealer just as well as your finger. This is a larger brush with a soft taper that will help blend concealer under the eyes and around the nose and mouth areas. Made from high-quality, synthetic bristles, this brush will use less product to achieve your desired look and is perfect for stippling, buffing, blending, and contouring.


  • The bristles are soft, yet dense enough to pat your product in precisely


  • This brush might be too small to apply foundation

Real Techniques Setting Brush  —  Runner Up

Real Techniques is known for its affordably priced, yet high-quality brushes and their micro Setting Brush is another worthy, highly-rated option. Use this perfectly sized tapered brush to help lock in foundation and concealer with setting powder, to highlight and contour your cheeks and it works great with both cream and powder formulations. This brush also has soft bristles that are sized for a precise dusting of powders in the contours of the face.


  • For its price point, it’s an easy-to-use, quality brush


  • If you prefer thinner brushes, another option might be better

Real Techniques Powder & Bronzer Brush  —  Honorable Mention

Another great and affordable brush by Real Techniques is their Powder and Bronzer Brush. This is essentially a powder brush featuring super soft bristles that work best with powder and mineral foundations, bronzers, and even blushes. This brush has a large, plush head for a sheer application of your favorite powder and its slightly tapered end will easily fit the contours of your face for accurate and easy bronzing.


  • This powder brush will help ensure the ideal dusting of makeup


  • If you prefer a smaller handle, another option might be better

Docolor Makeup Brushes – 16 Piece Set  —  Contender

If you are looking for a full set of professional-grade brushes that are also affordable, check out the Docolor Makeup Brush Set. In addition to their aesthetically pleasing ombre handles that will be great on your vanity, these synthetic brushes contain well-packed, smooth, and soft hair that can pick up makeup efficiently and are made to maximize liquid or cream application. This set comes complete with a full array of brushes for your face, eyes, and lips with comfortable to hold handles and are 100% cruelty-free.


  • This set of brushes also makes a great gift idea and comes with a rainbow storage box


  • The names of the brushes are not written on the handles

EcoTools Define & Highlight Duo  —  Also Consider

The Ecotools Define & Highlight Duo Set come with a highlighter and bronzer brush that works to contour, conceal, highlight, shade, and powder your face. The tapered bristles of the definer brush make it ideal for dusting contour or bronzer shade onto areas of the face you want to minimize such as under the cheekbones, jawline, or forehead. The wide-fanned bristles of the highlighting brush will gently sweep the highlighter powder easily over the apples of your cheeks, the center of the forehead, and the bridge of your nose.


  • These brushes are made from recycled and sustainable materials and tree-free packaging


  • If you prefer very firm brush bristles, another option might be better

Matto Powder Brush  —  Editor's Pick

Matto’s powder makeup brush is large and fluffy with a dense head that makes it perfect for applying and setting a powder-based foundation, loose and pressed powders, and mineral makeup. Hand-cut hairs make for the perfect shape and allow for precise application while a dull-polished handle makes it anti-slip to assure control for a smooth makeup application. This brush is also made with ultra-soft, synthetic bristles, absorbs minimal makeup, is safe for sensitive skin, and deflects bacteria.


  • A one-year replacement guarantee is available for any broken parts


  • This brush is not recommended for use as a liquid foundation brush

vela.yue Pointed Foundation Brush  —  Another Option

Vela Yue’s Pointed Foundation Brush is made from high-quality synthetic fibers which result in minimal to no shedding, and an even, streak-free makeup application. This brush is very firm and precise and can be used in specific areas to apply and blend out any concealer, foundation, or even tinted moisturizer. This brush hugs the contours of the nose and can reach into the corners of the eyes for seamless blending, buffing, and pressing the product into the skin.


  • This brush is cruelty-free and vegan


  • If you prefer a less dense brush, another option might be better

Buyer’s Guide: Your Top Tapered Powder Brush

With a plethora of makeup brushes available on the market, it can be quite puzzling to choose the perfect tapered powder brush which compliments your face and makeup. If you’re struggling to find ideal powder brushes for your makeup endeavors, worry not as we’ve put down everything you need to know below.

What Makes the Top Tapered Powder Brush


Whenever setting out to find a tapered powder brush, the quality and construction of its bristles should be your foremost priority. When testing out the quality of the bristles, tug them gently to check if any loose hair comes off. While a couple of hairs coming off isn’t worrisome, however, if there are quite a few bristles detached into your hand, then the quality of the bristles is questionable. The bristles of your powder brush should be extremely soft and smooth. Moreover, you should avoid bristles which are advertised as a mixture of natural and synthetic hair as they are more of a gimmick when it comes to applying precise makeup.

Brush head

While brush tops depend on the type of powder or cream you’re using, a tapered powder brush should generally be angled or domed, fluffy, and soft, providing you a dense head to gently apply any foundation or bronzer on your face. A brush that is too fluffy and rounded, however, would prevent you from applying your makeup precisely and effectively. Furthermore, too thick or extremely thin brushes wouldn’t allow you to apply makeup evenly.

Brush handle

While tapered powder brushes are available in an assortment of handle materials, shapes, and sizes, not all handles are durable and effective. Try not to fall for brushes that seem too gimmicky or slippery. The handle of your brush should have a rough or rigid exterior in order to have a better grip for precise makeup applications. Furthermore, avoid getting a wooden handle if you’re clumsy as such handles tend to soak in water and expand, affecting the durability and quality of the brush.


The part right below the bristles of a brush, often made out of stainless steel or aluminum is called a ferrule. Often overlooked, this little thing is what keeps your bristles intact and aligned. The ferrule should tightly hold the bristles and prevent the brush head from spinning or wobbling on top of the handle. Furthermore, the ferrule should have a smooth and dull edge so your fingers avoid getting cut or scraped while applying makeup. Any rust-proof material for a ferrule is sufficient as long as it doesn’t dent easily by the pressure from your fingers.

Natural vs Synthetic Bristles

Natural bristles, obtained from animals like goats and squirrels, have been quite a common bristle choice in the past. These bristles offer a soft finish, allowing you to efficiently and smoothly spread makeup on your face. However, natural bristles are coated by something called a “cuticle” which makes them absorb oils and pigments, making them horrible for non-powdered products. Natural bristles are expensive, hard to clean, and are often a victim of shedding and breaking. On the other hand, synthetic bristles feature no cuticle, making them a perfect alternative to natural bristles and an ideal candidate for liquid products. Synthetic bristles often made from hairs of nylon are easily cleanable and with the help of sharp angles, can be used to apply extremely precise eyeliners or lipsticks.

Sustainable Powder Brushes

Tapered powder brushes made with natural animal hair are often considered cruel by environmentalists. If you don’t wish to support any harm to fur-producing animals, you can always opt for an eco-friendly powder brush made with synthetic fibers. These brushes are often integrated with wooden and bamboo handles to make them completely environmentally friendly. However, when dealing with wooden or bamboo handles, avoid applying water to the handle as it can cause the wood or bamboo to expand and ruin the structural integrity of the brush’s head.

Cleaning Your Tapered Powder Brush

Dirty tapered powder brushes can become a home for various bacteria to grow. Moreover, accumulated powder or creams can weigh the bristles down and cause them to snap under pressure. To prevent any mishaps from happening, you should clean your powder brush often by simply applying a blob of shampoo on the palm of your hand and rubbing the brush thoroughly. Use this technique until the brush leaves no residual color on your palm and the water flows out clean. However, make sure to prevent any water from seeping inside the ferrule of your brush as it can weaken the glue and loosen the bristles, causing shedding.