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Have Airbrushed Skin With the Best Pro Flat Buffer Brushes

Last updated: 1 May 2022

When it comes to flawless makeup application, using the correct makeup brush is key. When it comes to even, consistent-looking foundation, one of the best makeup brushes for application is a pro flat buffer or kabuki brush. These brushes are specially made with dense bristles and a flat top that make it easy to blend out and buff and ensure the product sits on top of the bristles without being absorbed into them, saving precious product.

Below are some great pro flat buffer brushes of 2022 that will give you the coveted flawless, airbrushed look. These brushes make application quick and easy and are versatile enough to use for applying all of your liquid, powder, cream, and even mineral-based products.

In addition, these are all pro-quality and premium brushes made with synthetic bristles that are soft and easy to clean, come in a variety of color combinations, and make applying your makeup a dream.

Detailing Our Favorite Pro Flat Buffers in 2022

Lamora Brush  —  Best Overall

This brush is made with high-quality, synthetic bristles that make applying foundation or any other cream and liquid products fast and easy. The bristles are also very soft and dense which gives your makeup a flawless, airbrushed quality and because the bristles are synthetic you do not have to worry about it soaking up, trapping, or absorbing excessive amounts of your products. This brush is also great to use to apply your powder, blend in your cream blushes, and even stipple in your bronzer for a more natural effect.


  • This brush has a long-lasting wooden and copper handle


  • You may notice some slight bristle shedding on initial washes

Beauty Junkees Brush  —  Runner Up

Another great flat-top kabuki brush is this one. Its dense, synthetic bristles will not only make your routine quicker but help to provide incredible coverage that will last all day. While this multitasking brush is most commonly known for its liquid foundation application abilities, it also works great to blend loose and pressed powders and many of your other favorite liquid makeup products. Ideal for medium to heavy foundation coverage, this brush can also be used to blend or stipple out your concealer on any larger problem areas.


  • This kabuki brush maximizes the number of bristles to ensure the makeup is applied to your brush and not absorbed


  • The bristles on this brush are extra dense

Keshima Brush  —  Honorable Mention

This is a super-dense synthetic brush that allows the product to sit on top of the bristles without being absorbed into them, allowing for a perfect look and less wasted product each time you apply your makeup. The flatness of the brush allows for ideal buffing and blending, without looking cakey or heavy and saves you precious time in the morning. And, if you feel you have applied too much product, simply use your favorite beauty sponge to absorb any excess to your desired look.


  • Keshima brushes undergo a seven-step process to prevent shedding


  • This brush is on the smaller side

wet 'n wild Brush  —  Contender

One of the standouts from this collection is the flat top brush. This is a multipurpose brush that has been designed with a flat top head and densely packed bristles to pick up any formula from cream, liquid, or powder. These brushes feature soft, synthetic bristles and the ergonomically-designed handle is made to fit perfectly in your hand to help you create a smooth and flawless look.


  • This brush features specially formulated, two-toned synthetic fibers that mimic the consistency of natural hairs that will pick up any formula effortlessly


  • If this brush doesn’t work out as a foundation brush, throw it in your purse for an on-the-go touch-up brush

New8Beauty Brush  —  Also Consider

This option is a premium quality synthetic bristle brush that is perfect for medium to heavy coverage. It has soft yet dense bristles that are not only ideal for liquid foundation application but can be used for powder and cream foundations, powder and cream blushes, gel blush, and even for precise bronzer/contour application. Lastly, a solid wood handle and aluminum ferrule make this brush long-lasting and easy to care for.


  • The longer handle on the brush is great for stippling, contouring, and buffing


  • When washing your brushes, it is important to try to not get the handle wet

Matto Brush  —  Another Option

This kabuki is a multifunctional brush that can be used for both wet and dry foundations and powders. This brush can help you build coverage, set your look, and conceal even the most problematic skin types. The bristles are also soft, safe for sensitive skin, have anti-bacterial qualities, and absorb little to no product. To make application easier, the ergonomic handle has an anti-slip, dull polished wood handle for greater control.


  • This brush has soft, hand-cut hairs


  • This brush might not be ideal for mineral foundation

Buyer’s Guide: Pro Flat Buffers

What Is a Pro Flat Buffer Brush?

Essentially an evolved version of a kabuki brush, a pro flat brush features densely-packed, soft bristles with a flat top. These attributes make the pro flat buffer brush perfect for a diverse range of makeup products from liquid foundation to powdered products like blush and setting powder.

How to Use a Pro Flat Buffer Brush?

A pro flat buffer brush is a versatile tool that is not limited to the application of liquid foundation, but flawlessly applies contour products, blushes, and setting powder.

When applying liquid foundation, ensure that your skin is moisturized and primed prior to application.

Then, pour out some foundation on the back of your non-dominant hand. You might wonder why go through this step with the risk of creating a mess. However, there are two noteworthy factors that make this step important, if not absolutely crucial. First, when the foundation comes into contact with your hand, the slight body heat emanating from the skin warms up the foundation which makes it easier to blend. Second, the bristles of the brush gain some resistance, and the product does not seep deep into the brush (as compared to using a palette) to reduce wastage of the product.

The next step is to get the foundation on your flat buffer brush. You will achieve this by using a quick, dabbing motion of the brush over your hand. Using a similar dabbing or stippling motion, apply the foundation over your face and neck. Use small, circular motions, not longer, sweeping motions to avoid streaks and non-uniformity.

Using a flat buffer brush for powdered products like translucent powder or brush is preferred over beauty blenders and puffs. Beauty blenders or puffs require the product to be pressed on and rolled into the skin which interferes with the makeup underneath. Using a pro flat buffer brush instead offers a lighter application, easy blending, and the ability to conveniently sweep off the excess.

Uses of a Pro Flat Buffer Brush


Foundations come in different forms from mousses, and liquids to foundation sticks. A pro flat buffer brush is ideal for the application of all types of foundations. Flat buffer brushes are known to give average to high coverage with an airbrushed look.


The key to a well-sculpted face using contouring is impeccable blending. The high density of bristles of a flat buffer brush helps you achieve uniformity and a flawless finish. Whether you are using cream or powder contour products, a flat buffer brush is an exceptional tool to achieve any look you intend to go for.

Powder products

Powder products like blush and translucent powder are best applied using a brush that keeps the makeup underneath intact and layers on makeup evenly without leaving behind streaks. To set your under-eye concealer, use a flat buffer brush to lightly dab the setting powder and wipe off the excess. For blush, use a light, dabbing motion with a flat buffer brush for sun-kissed cheeks.

Factors to Consider

Multiple factors contribute to determining the quality of makeup brushes. High-quality makeup brushes do not necessarily cost too much. A secure ferrule holding in soft bristles which do not feel scratchy and are not prone to falling out generally makes up a good makeup brush with decent longevity. The following are features discussed in further detail for your reference.


The first telltale of a poor-quality makeup brush is the feel of the bristles. Try out the brush on the back of your hand, if the bristles feel harsh, rough, or frayed, you know you need to keep looking. Bristles that feel soft to the touch should be on the top of your checklist.

The next, perhaps most important factor is the material of the bristles. Synthetic fibers are most commonly used in the making of bristles. These may include materials like plastic and nylon. Because a similar effect can be achieved using synthetic materials, go for makeup brushes that are cruelty-free or do not incorporate animal hair. Buying non-cruelty-free products encourage harm to animals, but makeup brushes made with animal hair can induce allergies in some people as well.

An added quality in some flat buffer brushes’ bristles is that they are antiseptic/antibacterial. These bristles are made so that bacteria is repelled and does not harbor in the brush which might lead to allergies, breakouts, or rashes. You will also not have to clean your brush as often because these bristles do not absorb makeup.


The density of the brush dictates the coverage you want to go for. The denser the brush, the higher the coverage because more product is applied with each swipe.

Ferrule and handle

The ferrule is the part of the brush that holds the bristles in place. The ferrule must be of a high-quality and very secure to prevent bristles from falling out. The handle on the other hand must be ergonomic and comfortable to hold with a reasonable length for easy application.

Maintenance and care

Even if you have a high-end, expensive makeup brush, it will only be as good as the effort you put into its maintenance. Makeup brushes are home to bacteria and using uncleaned brushes can result in breakouts, rashes, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your brushes at least once a week. You can use a fast-drying cleaner so that your makeup brushes are ready to use as soon as you clean them. However, you can also use any shampoo and conditioner and wash your brush gently with lukewarm water then let it air dry.