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The Best Facial Cleansing Brush To Upgrade Your Skin Care Routine

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Taking care of your facial skin has never been more difficult or easy at the same time. On the one hand, you have the pollution from cars and factories clogging your pores, and causing all kinds of issues. While on the other hand, skin care products like the facial cleansing brushes of 2024 are making the cleanup process so much more effective. 

These brushes are designed by some of the smartest people in the self-care and beauty industry to give you better skin. The best part about these brushes, however, is that they are not an addition to your skincare routine but an upgrade. You're going to wash your face anyway; doing it with the brush will just result in a cleaner face and better skin in the long run.

But, not all facial cleansing brushes are created equal. While a lot of them will clean just fine, only a handful will go above and beyond in their effectiveness, and we wanted to find them. 

After checking out a whole lot of the available brushes and putting them through the paces, these are the five that we find to be the best. 

Comparing the Top Facial Cleansing Brushes of 2024

MelodySusie Facial Cleansing Brush  —  Best Overall

Use this super cute paw print facial cleansing brush from MelodySusie on your face and add some fun to your morning routine. Don’t let the adorable design fool you; this is a professional facial cleansing device. Over 2,000 ultra soft bristles combined with sonic vibration technology break down the dirt and oil on your face to effectively clean it during your morning shower. For those with sensitive skin, the hygienic silicone is gentle on all skin types. 

There are five customizable speeds to personalize the brush to your liking, including a smooth heated massager mode that feels like a mini massage on your face. The waterproof, durable build means this brush can work in any situation. That’s why this facial cleansing brush is the best overall on the list. 


  • Ultra soft bristles
  • Cleans dirt and oil
  • Five customizable speeds


  • Cannot be used with exfoliators

INNERNEED Facial Cleansing Brush  —  Runner Up

The Innerneed facial cleansing brush is the simplest one on our list. It does not have any fancy electronics or modern skincare therapies within it. Instead, it relies completely on its innovative design to clean your skin thoroughly. Sure, its performance is still a bit lacking when compared to more advanced brushes, but it still works like a charm. Besides, it is significantly better than just using your fingers. The main benefit of buying a basic facial cleansing brush like this is its reliability. You don't have to worry about charging, water damage, or the electronics dying in general. As long as it is in one piece, you can use it for years to come. 

It is made out of silicone which makes it extremely soft and flexible. Just fold it from the finger handle on the back and gently rub it on your face. The tiny silicone bristles on its front will stimulate the skin on your face and clean it on a microscopic level. 


  • Very easy to clean
  • No charging required
  • Fits nicely in a handbag


  • Performance is lacking compared to the advanced brushes

COSLUS Facial Cleansing Brush  —  Honorable Mention

The COSLUS Facial Cleansing Brush is the perfect device for achieving a deep clean and smooth complexion. This cleansing brush comes equipped with seven different brush heads that address a variety of skincare needs, such as fading acne marks, removing blackheads, and deep pore cleansing. Moreover, the superior performance of the motor ensures twice the power of regular spin brushes and provides adequate rotation power for the facial brush, providing six times more effective cleansing than washing by hand.

This electric exfoliating spin cleanser also offers two rotation speeds suitable for any skin type, including sensitive skin, to exfoliate and cleanse in one step. Additionally, its 100% waterproof design means it is perfect for use in the shower. The cleansing brush kit also features a comfortable grip and high-quality design, making it an ideal gift for your loved ones. Plus, its separate replacement heads make it easy to switch out between each cleansing session.


  • Deep cleans and removes dirt, oil, and impurities
  • Soft and gentle on the skin
  • User-friendly with intuitive controls


  • Does not have sonic technology; the head simply rotates

VISOFO Facial Cleansing Brush  —  Multiple Accessories

The Visofo Facial Cleansing Brush rotates 360 degrees and will be a great addition to your skincare routine. It runs on two AA batteries and has a two-speed adjustment for varied skin demands - one for gentle washing of sensitive skin and the other for thoroughly cleansing oily skin. You can now enjoy spa-quality face treatment in the comfort of your own home and take it with you when you travel.

This face washing brush set has all you need for flawless skin care, including a gentle wash, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, removal of calluses and dark spots, seven brush heads, and more. 


  • Includes all you need for skincare 
  • Seven brush heads to meet all your needs 
  • Two-speed adjustment settings 


  • Doesn’t come with batteries 

Halo Facial Cleansing Brush  —  Contender

This facial cleansing brush from Halo looks like any other electric face cleansing brush from the outside. It is a battery-powered brush with five unique attachments that serve different purposes. Its three cleaning modes allow you to get the perfect cleanup in all situations, and the water resistance means that you can use it in the shower without any issues. All-in-all it is a solid choice for anyone looking for an electric face cleaning brush. But, the thing that makes it worthy of being on our list is its LED light therapy technology. 

So, in addition to the usual rotating brush, this cleanser also uses different colored lights for additional performance. There are two light modes, blue and red. Blue is effective against blemishes and closed pores. Red, on the other hand, fights against dark spots, visible lines, and wrinkles. The results of these lights are not very noticeable on their own. But, their effectiveness becomes apparent when combined with the brush.


  • Highly effective LED light therapy
  • Fully water and dust resistant


  • Battery life is below-average when using the light therapy

Olay Facial Cleansing Brush  —  Best Value for Money

The olay facial cleansing brush is a to-the-point approach to face cleaning devices. It does not have any alternate detachable heads or light therapy equipment built-in. Instead, this is just a reliable facial cleansing device that works flawlessly. The bristles on its brush are designed to be compatible with as many skin types as possible. They are firm enough to thoroughly clean out your pores but soft enough to avoid any damage to sensitive skin. Even its speed options are limited with only two presets, one for daily cleaning and one for deep exfoliating.

The performance of this facial cleansing brush is second to none, and reliability is no different. This brush is built to last. Everything from its outer shell to the electronics on the inside is designed to stay operational for years to come. You also don't have to worry about battery degradation since it uses 2 easily replaceable AA batteries to operate. 


  • Very compact design
  • Exceptional construction quality 
  • Industry-leading brush material and design


  • Does not has a rechargeable battery

EZBASICS Facial Cleansing Brush  —  Also Consider

The Ezbasics facial cleansing takes a completely different approach than the last three brushes on this list. Instead of going the rotating brush route, it takes the basic silicone brush design and integrates it with modern sonic technology. It is shaped like a basic silicone facial cleansing brush with tiny bristles on one side. But, instead of having to manually rub your face, you just put it against your skin, and the precise vibration does the rest of the work. You can even adjust the power of this vibration to better suit your preferences.

The whole brush is wrapped in soft silicone material, which makes it ultra-durable as well. This silicone wrapping is also teh source of its IPX7 water resistance, which allows it to work in the shower as well. Lastly, the battery life on this is amazing. You get over 200 uses with just 3 hours of charging on its convenient wireless induction charger.


  • Perfect for all types of skin
  • Innovative sonic technology for deep cleansing
  • Amazing battery life


  • No way to hold it securely

Umickoo Facial Cleansing Brush  —  Another Option

Umickoo combines modern technology with traditional techniques to make a brush that is the ultimate face cleaning device. It makes use of a motor to rotate the brushes and allow them to kick out any dirt and debris stuck in your facial pores. But, it is much more sophisticated than a rotating brush. For starters, it comes with five interchangeable attachments. Three of these are brushes for regular cleaning, deep cleaning, and sensitive skin. One attachment is a foam for applying powders, creams, and foundations, while the last attachment is removing calluses. You can also choose the speed of rotation from three presets. 

One issue that comes up again and again with these electric cleansing brushes is that they need to be charged. Umickoo solved this issue by kiting their brush with a massive 1000mAh battery and a decently fast charger/stand. Juicing up the brush for just 2 hours will give you around 20 days' worth of average use. 


  • IP68 water and dust resistant
  • Amazing battery life
  • Comes with five detachable brushes/attachments.


  • The foam attachment is not very good
  • Is a bit too heavy due to the large battery

Buying Guide: Facial Cleansing Brushes

The popularity of facial cleansing brushes is constantly rising with no end in sight. Every day more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of facial cleansing brushes. This, combined with the fact that using a cleansing brush does not add any extra time to one's cleanup routine, makes them a must-have for everyone. 

But, this popularity comes at a price, and that is market integrity. Back when only a handful of brands were making these brushes, you could easily choose one. But now there are hundreds of options to choose from, with each claiming to be the best one. Someone completely unfamiliar with these brushes will be left confused and dazed after trying to find the right one for themself. 

Thankfully, all you have to do is to focus on the following attributes, and you will find a quality facial cleansing brush in no time. 

From Our Celebrity Expert, Olivia Elgart:

"I'm all in with Lisa Eldrige on the facial cleansing brushes hype train. If you want a clean, glowy complexion, getting one is a no-brainer, and in my opinion a facial cleansing brush should be in everyone's skincare arsenal. I've personally enjoyed using the Olay ProX as part of my nightime skincare routine for the last few months now."

Type of Mechanism

The first attribute you have to consider is the main cleansing mechanism, and there are two popular options here to choose from.


This is the most basic form of the cleansing brush as it does not have any electronics in it. It is just a well-designed silicone brush with tiny bristles that clean your skin thoroughly. These often have a handle on the back and require you to make the cleaning motion on your own. 

The key benefits of these brushes include lower costs, practically zero points of failure, and extreme portability. You also have full control over your speed and strength. But, their biggest downside is their performance. They are certainly better than cleaning with your hand but do not come close to the cleansing quality of other more automated options.


These are the most common type of facial cleansing brushes and mainly consist of a motor attached to a brush. The motor spins the brush, resulting in a very thorough cleanup of your skin. These are often accompanied by interchangeable heads as well. Some of these heads are for different types of skin, while others are used for things like powder and cream application. 

The one downside to these rotation-based cleansing brushes is their level of inconsistency. Some of them will work just fine 5 years down the road, while many others will fail within the first few months. 

Your Skin Type

Not all facial cleansing brushes are made with the same type of skin mind. A soft brush will not be able to clean tough skin, and a rough brush can cause damage to sensitive skin. So, make sure that the brush you're buying is compatible with your skin type. 

If the product page does not specify the compatible skin types, then reading customer reviews is your second best option. Find reviewers that mention their skin type and how their experience with the brush. 

If you're still not sure, then buying a cleansing brush with interchangeable brushes is the best idea.

Construction Quality

Facial cleansing brushes are not something that you buy on a regular basis. So, make sure that the one you buy has high-quality construction. This includes both the exterior shell of the device as well as the electronics inside. The motors and batteries, in particular, should be the bigger concern as they usually fail way before the outside shows any damage. 

Battery Life

Battery life should not be an issue with most high-quality facial cleansing brushes. A large majority of them can last for days with only a couple of hours of charge time. But, you still have to look at the battery capacity and rated hours of the brush as there are some options with below-average battery life. Any brush that gives you less than 10 days of normal use on a single charge is too low. 

Disposable Batteries

Brushes that require single-use batteries can be both good and bad. If the brush lasts upwards of a month on a single battery replacement, then it is a viable option. You don't have to worry about charging the brush, especially when you're out traveling. On the other hand, if the brush chews through disposable batteries and requires new ones every ten days or so, then that brush is not worth your hard-earned money.