Make Your Hair Shine With the Best Shampoos for Gray Hair

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Gray hair is one of the alarming signs of old age, and it can be a big fear for some women. While some consider this change a part of life and the beauty of nature, most people try to hide it under harsh hair dye. Gray hair can be difficult to care for, as using the incorrect products can turn it yellow. Thanks to science and extensive hair care research, you can save your hair without messing with its natural pigment by swapping your hair products, specifically your shampoo. It removes the yellow tinge from your gray strands without further damaging your hair follicles. If you're experiencing gray hair, switch to one of the finest shampoos for gray hair of 2024 and embrace your natural beauty. 

Reviewing the Top Shampoo for Gray Hair of 2024

Herbishh Shampoo for Gray Hair  —  Best Overall

Covering gray hair naturally is easy with Herbishh Shampoo for Gray Hair. It tops our list mainly because of its chemical-free ingredients that perfectly fit all hair types. This shampoo is a creamy blend of botanical ingredients like noni fruit, wild ginseng, argan, and olive oil rich in Vitamin E and bioactive compounds. Its formula also features mushroom extract that stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, to help bring out your hair’s natural color. 

These nutrients go deep into your scalp and roots, preventing dryness and frizz while improving hair health and texture. Since the product is free from chemicals, it doesn't have any harsh smell. This product delivers quick results and gives you maximum gray hair coverage in under 15 to 20 minutes. This product tops our list because of the gentle ingredients and effective results.


  • The solution is vegan
  • No ammonia is included in the formula
  • It is a cruelty-free product
  • Adds shine to rough textured hair


  • Not easy to use

Pantene Shampoo for Gray Hair  —  Lightly Scented

Gray hair requires more moisture than youthful hair, which is why you should go for silicone-free shampoos like the Pantene Silver Expressions Purple Shampoo for gray hair. The silicone-free formula naturally locks moisture in your hair without stripping away your hair’s natural oils. It also forms a protective barrier on your scalp and the ends of your hair. This product has a mild-creamy texture and is purple in color. It easily brightens gray hairs, turning them into a shade of silver, giving the impression of healthy locks. 

The purple pigment is water-soluble, and you can use it every day to ensure smooth and silky hair. This shampoo leaves a soft lotus flower scent on your hair that lasts all day long, making your hair feel fresh and nourished. You can use this product on natural or dyed gray, silver, and white hair.  


  • Small quantity creates a foamy lather
  • Acts as a conditioner as well
  • Safe to use on chemically-treated hair
  • Gently moisturizes dry scalp


  • The consistency is a bit watery

MATRIX Shampoo for Gray Hair  —  Brightening Formula

If getting rid of the dirty yellow tones from the gray is your primary goal, then this MATRIX Total Results Shampoo for Gray Hair is a must-try. This purple shampoo is a lifesaver when it comes to getting consistent gray hair strands. It is ideal for blonde, silver, and gray hair, because its brightening formula adds shimmer to dry locks. The product contains dimethicone and salicylic acid, ingredients that promise a moisturized and dandruff-free scalp. 

Unlike most purple shampoos, this one lathers pretty well, thanks to the coco-betaine in the solution. This shampoo is extremely easy to use, like any ordinary shampoo, and leaves your hair smooth and shiny within 3 to 5 minutes. It is recommended to use this product twice every week for the optimal color maintenance. 


  • Helps control frizz
  • It is super easy to use
  • The formula helps with hair growth


  • It straightens out natural wavy hair

Jhirmack Shampoo for Gray Hair  —  Most Affordable

Quality hair care products are hard to find within an affordable price range, but the Jhirmack Silver Shampoo for Gray Hair falls within everyone's budget. It has a creamy-liquid consistency, making it easier to lather compared to other thick consistency shampoos. The glossy formula washes away the yellowness of gray hair and adds a lustrous shiny coat on top. This product is suitable for oily and dry hair types, as it is enriched with macadamia nut oil that moisturizes your scalp without building up oil residue. 

It also strengthens the hair and preps it for heat styling or pollution. Our favorite part about this shampoo is its green tea extract which prevents hair breakage and split ends. It also has a pleasant caffeine scent. You can count on this product to enhance the natural gray pigment of your hair.


  • Transforms dry hair into super soft
  • The formula reduces hair fall
  • Its solution lasts quite long


  • May increase frizz

L'Oreal Paris Shampoo for Gray Hair  —  Moisture-Packed Formula

If you're looking for a shampoo that protects your gray hair while deeply moisturizing your scalp to the ends, you should opt for L'Oreal Paris EverPure Shampoo for Gray Hair. The purple liquid formula dominates the brassy tone in your gray hair, washing it to enhance your natural gray, silver, or blonde hair. This product is perfect for those who are just starting to go gray, as the moisturizing effects of this shampoo will help protect your changing hair. 

The shampoo features magnesium chloride to remove excess calcium deposits on the scalp, in turn allowing for increased blood circulation and restoring hair health and moisture. This formula is safe to use daily, as it has no sulfates or harmful salts that can damage your hair texture. This product features a strong hibiscus scent with mild traces of coconut and thyme. 


  • Its packaging is Climate Pledge Friendly
  • The product is free from parabens


  • It does not lather well

Shampoo for Gray Hair Buying Guide

There is an abundance of shampoos on the market that are designed for gray hair. The quality of these products can vary widely. This buying guide features all you need to know before selecting a shampoo for gray hair, so stay tuned till the end. 

What Are the Types of Shampoos for Gray Hair

The ideal shampoos for gray hair are classified into different types depending on the purpose and quality of the shampoo. Head below to check out the three types of gray hair shampoos. 


Most shampoos for gray hair are called purple shampoos because of their purple color. The purple shampoo has a purple pigment that neutralizes brassy tones. It is milder than other types, but works strongly to remove pigment from your strands without affecting hair health. 


Silver shampoo is a stronger version of the purple shampoo for gray hair. It contains a sharp purple pigment and attacks brassy tones as well as yellow streaks. The strong formula might cause hair dryness, and is recommended to be used 1 to 2 times per week. 


Dye shampoo for gray hair is a safer alternative to hair dyes. It is popular mainly because it covers gray hair with a dark black pigment, transforming your overall hair look. Most dye hair shampoos contain harsh chemicals, so products with botanical ingredients are a safer choice. It is a bit hard to use as it requires time to set in, and the dark pigment can get messy. 

What To Look for in a Shampoo for Gray Hair

Finding high-quality shampoos for gray hair can be hard, considering the number of available options. If you consider the following factors, they might make your decision a bit easier. 


Shampoos for gray hair contain similar ingredients that are designed to remove the yellow tone. Such ingredients include sodium lauroyl, methyl isethionate, and coco glucoside that cleanse the scalp gently. Also, look for coco betaine, as it gives a thick consistency to the solution, creating more lather. Lastly, avoid products with toxic ingredients like parabens and sulfates. 


Price is another factor that you should consider before buying shampoo for gray hair. Always choose shampoos that you can stay consistent with, as frequent switching of haircare products can leave harsh side effects on your hair. Consider your budget, as well as how often you expect to have to replace your shampoo.  


Strong scents in shampoo may actually be a sign of harsh chemicals. If your shampoo is overly fragrant, consider checking the ingredients list, to ensure that the ingredients are safe. Shampoos with a hint of pleasant fragrance like lavender or coconut may be a better choice.

Benefits of Shampoos for Gray Hair

When your hair starts transitioning to gray, it is recommended to switch to a shampoo designed with your hair color in mind. Head below to check them out.


Sun UV rays and environmental pollution are common causes of yellow tones or brassy hair. Shampoos for gray hair, preferably purple shampoos, are the perfect solution to protect your no-pigment hair from developing the yellow shade. Such shampoos are also ideal for light blondes, as the hair has a higher chance of turning into a deep blonde shade. 

Oil extraction

If you have an oily scalp, you should switch to shampoo for gray hair. The reason is that most of these shampoos have a low amount of Vitamin B, which is a moisturizing agent. Another reason is that these shampoos are designed to remove brassiness from your hair, which removes excess oils as well, leaving your scalp grease-free and dry. 


Blonde or gray hair develops yellow tones over time, which gives a warm impression to the hair. Shampoos for gray hair are usually stronger cool tones that cleanse the strands to develop the cool blonde, silver, platinum, or gray shade from underneath. 

Some Additional Products To Consider 

After you have used your new shampoo for gray hair, you may want to consider the use of other products to support the healthy look and feel of your hair. 


After washing your hair with a shampoo for gray hair, you should always go in with a conditioner. It is a necessary part of gray hair care because it makes up for the lack of moisture in your strands. Since shampoos for gray hair remove water and oil, it is recommended to leave the conditioner in for several minutes to lock in the moisture. 

Hair mask

Hair masks beat conditioners in terms of moisture-locking properties. Replace your conditioner with a gray hair mask every fifteen days to get healthy hair. It is recommended to let the mask sit in your hair for up to 10 minutes so that the formula can work its way deeper.